Australian wants to retire in Spain

G'day = Hola

It's been a long time coming and just few hoops to jump through before I part with all but a few of my worldly possessions and head for greener pastures, in a word, Spain, preferably the north west. I've read volumes of information on obtaining a long term visa and feel I'm getting conflicting, not to mention information overload. I have my NIE, I will and can support myself and I do not intend to work. I would very much appreciate advice on heath insurance, telecommunications, possibly a reputable Gestor also.

If there's anyone that can offer concise up to the minute information, I'd be grateful to hear from you.

Cheers David

What do you need to know exactly? I'll try to get you the information but I need more detail


Hi David
I have just relocated to Logrono in north Spain. I also prefer the north west and chose Logrono because it is a lovely city, close to many other places I want to visit and a good base for me to start exploring.
I am lucky in that I have also a Brit passport as well as my Australian one. I also can support myself but will look for some teaching work as I enjoy it.
Anyway, i havent got any answers for you, sorry, but just wanted to say hello and if you are anywhere near Logrono, be nice to meet you. I am just learning Spanish now, but I gather you already speak fluently...
Well best wishes and good luck with your move..

G'day Matilda,

Thanks for your reply and congratulations on your move. It does make the move a lot easier if you have a British passport. Unfortunately my Spanish skills are somewhat non existent, bar the pleasantries, working on it though, ever so slowly. Australia is still home, the possessions are being sold off one by one and hopefully the house will go soon as well, freeing me up to make the transition. It's quite a lengthy process, given things move here sooner rather than later, catching up would be great.

Regards David.

G'day Marta,

I do apologise, I seem to have overlooked your post. Thank you for your offer of help. What information is it that would help you to make inquiries?

Regards David.