Looking for land for low impact living

Hi All

My name is Paul and my wife and I are looking for land to live on in Spain. We do not need too much. A couple of acres with a bit of woodland would be good. It would be best if we lived in an area with at least some rainfall from time to time so we would be looking for a greener area so that growing food would be practical.

We don't need electricity or sewerage or piped water as we can take care of all that but it would get great if there was running water on the plot.

We are not interested in being too close to the coast or near tourist areas or airports. It would be nice to be near a village with a bar and a market and be within a hour of a larger town or city for other essentials.

We will not be looking for work and do not need to be near schools etc so we don't mind being in the wilds.

I have joined this forum so we can chat with people actually living in Spain who can help us with information etc and to hopefully make a few friends



Hi Paul. You could do worse than Cataluna. It rains here ( a lot) in spring and autumn. I'm an hour south of Tarragona. There's plenty of land here in the valley and I have an English friend working on permaculture. I have a lot of land and could show you the area if you'd like.

Thank you Ros
I am studying Permaculture at the moment. I will also find a course in Spain nearer the time. Up until now we have been looking at Portugal but someone sent us ,some links to properties in your area of Tarragona and and so now we are looking at Cataluna as well.

We will need to look into planning laws for low impact dwellings etc and whether we are allowed to live on our land in a caravan etc. To be honest, if we had to live out our days in our caravan I would be happy as long as we were living on our own bit of land. Spanish is a lot easer to learn than Portuguese and my wife already speaks a little Spanish.

Expect a lot of question in the coming weeks


My horticulture friend lives in a yurt. There's room to park on my land till you find somewhere

Wow! Thank you Ros. That is very kind of you.

I may come over this year on a fact finding/ looking at land mission so it would be great if I could pitch a tent is an out of the way part of your land for a few days.

Do you speak Spanish?


Hi. Yes my spanish is fluent but I don't speak Catalan. I should mention that my land is 6 k from the main road.

That sound perfect. You can't really be 6k from a main road in Cornwall without falling into the sea.

You obviously have internet access. We would need some sort of internet to run our business but it doesn't have to be super fast. At the moment I use a mobile phone for internet.

Do you have mobile phone coverage where you are.

If the worst came to the worst we would have to go for satellite internet. I know it can be expensive but if it is your main overhead for a business I think it will be OK


There is phone coverage on the land so you should be OK for certain mobiles. We are fairly short of water. I'm in the UK till next week back to the (olive) farm towards the end of the week. What's the business?

I am a Vector Graphics Artist. My main work is converting bitmap graphics to a vector format for sign makers, printers, garment printers etc. I also do logo design and illustration etc

All of this is done remotely via email so it doesn't matter where I live as long as I have internet access I can carry on working. Here is my website. All the artwork on the site was created by me skarekrow.co.uk

I also run a signmaking company here in the UK but I will either sell that or wind it up before moving to Spain


how about Cordoba?
I have a finca that has its own bore hole & being in Andalusia has its fair share of sun.