Looking for dance class hiphop/modern dance

Dear Nairobi community,
Could anyone please recommend me or know a dance troupe/dance school that offers hiphop or modern jazz dance. I am a beginner but I would like to join for 6 weeks during my time of stay.
Thank you for any hints.

Hi Ina!

I hope other members will show up with some good recommendations soon ;)


Thank you Armand :cool:
Best, iNA

Great! Thank you a lot for that hint. I will contact them as soon as I am there. Best, iNA

My name is Naomi Kariuki a Kenyan citizen who lives in Nairobi Kenya. I love dancing hiphop since I was a child though I have not had enough exposure in this field. I would therefore would like to  explore my talent in hiphop dance todiscover my potential in hiphop dance and touch people's lives.


Check out danceforchangemovement.wordpress.com/