Cycling in Nairobi

Hi Guys

Am looking for a cycling group I can join for beginner cyclists, or if anyone knows a cycling trainer, who can train me over the weekends?

Thank You


you dont need a trainer, just a good bike, large lawn and a personality of a 10 yr old :) i.e. dont think about the mechanics, just keep peddling

I'll go riding with you. I rode nearly 40,000km to get to Nairobi - I don't know what kind of training you need, but as nim0 said, just start pedaling! Lemme know if you want to do some longer day rides!

thanks all

tiredofit, definitely will let you know, when i do long rides, for now am looking to get comfortable riding on the road.

As I'm already cycling on weekends, I'll start a cycling 'club'.  Anyone is welcome to join, Sundays & Saturdays at 7:30 - 8.30am...before traffic smog. So club rule is; You snooze you lose! :)

Start & finish point>>> 14 Riverside Drive, Westlands, light breakfast at agreed pit stop.

ok! after some arm twisting  and *$!@#%^#! by my charming couch-potato friend :P, we'll make that 8:00 to 9:00am. So, lets ride! :cool:

I stay in Westlands. Are you guys still on to go cycling?

Schatzy wrote:

I stay in Westlands. Are you guys still on to go cycling?

:D new yr resolutions were gradually squished, from a group of 4 we're down to 1! Im riding solo on weekends & dont intend to quit yet. hmm i hear my pal's bet for me to quit by March?:cool::rolleyes: To tag along inbox me for the next start, stop & pit

Guilty as charged! See you next ride :-)

Hi, having seen quite a few cyclists run over/struck by vehicles, I would urge anyone thinking of cycling on Kenyan roads to take extreme caution. A lot of roads have steep shoulders, making it difficult to get off in an emergency. Kenyan drivers do not have a lot of regard for cyclists..............And please make sure that you have good medical cover!

havent had any issues yet thankfully. Trick it to keep off the main roads/highways. Now doing 15-20 kms...and counting! :-)

Hi Nim

Please do let us know when you cycle  am hoping to join you one of these good days

The more the merrier, current pitstop is Java Valley Arcade, about 9am Sat & Sun for a quick cup of coffee. All you have to do is just show up. All the best! X

Hi all,

It is good to know that there are so many people cycling around in Nairobi. I will be moving in a few weeks to Nairobi, by beginning of April (lets wait for elections...). Thus, does anyone know a good bike store in the city? I was wondering if taking my bike with me from Spain but maybe it is not worth it.

Roberto GR

There are a number of new and used bike dealers here,depends on your prefered specs. Better to check out whats available in Kenya before you choose to leave yours behind. For new bikes > Galleria Shopping mall (0734 252 299); for new & used call Trek Bike 0724 252 401;0722760407

Thank you so much! I will check it out before making the wrong choice.

Nice weekend,

Hi Bikers. I live near Riverside. Do you still bike on weekends Nim0? How long are your trips? I am thinking of joining your group if it is still a group?

Also, I have some biking clothes on sale. Jerseys, long and short pants with padding. I can also get you bike parts and accessories in good prices, something hard to buy in Kenya. Anyone interested?

Hi Polrad am looking for the different color reflectors that you attach to the bike spokes, and a cycling light. Do you happen to have those? There is also a cycling race at the Ngong Forest on the 24th March if your interested. Check out

Yes Myra. I can help you with those. I have white and orange reflectores for spokes and head and tail LED lights. They wont make road very bright in front of you, but will make you visible. I can also get you any lamp or anything else in early May.

Hi, I ride solo, on average 15-20km every saturday & sunday morning (starting 8.30am). Different routes within the peremeters of riverside drive, rhapta road, statehouse road, gitanga road &  james gichuru road.

Hi is anyone coming for the cycling/running event at the Ngong Forest this Sunday??

Hey there is a a very good coach for cycling, he also has formed a club of cyclists. His name is stephen : called stivo : 0717084924.


Just came back from trip to Ngong Hills. Road from Ngong Town is a dirt and gravel and it was tough for my rather narrow tires, but since there was no rain I made it. 3 hours, 71 km and total ascent 1050 m. Cost - 400 KSH to be paid near the top. Amazing views and you can bike up to 2390 meters. It was great fun, especially descent from the top. Almost non stop downhill :-)

Thanks for the info. I am often going to Asia, so I don't have to buy anything in Kenya, which has shockingly high prices. If anyone needs some parts or accessories please contact me. My prices are better :-)

I am fixing my bike myself. Youtube is a great teacher. With more serious problems I go to Mike. He seems pretty good and his price are reasonable. You can find his workshop under the tree near the Westlands Roundabout, towards the new road (in construction). Yeah, I know... but he is a skilful mechanic/biker.

hey am an experienced cyclists here in nairobi, and i know almost all the loopholes in cycling here in nairobi, i know also of shops, and still am a member in the international christian cycling(IC3, every april of the year we cycle from Nairobi to mombasa, we take three days its a breath taking experience, the veiw of the baobab trees and the road, is very smooth.anyone wants to cycle am available on sundays.last year we attended the teule race that started from emaili to oloitoktok,i would love to make new friends,coz i love cycling

my mobile number is 0722-210309 feel free to contact me
thank you all.

Hi dikdik

Please let me know when the cycle to mombasa is taking place would love to do that!!!! What time do you cycle on Sunday and where?

hi Nim

are you still cycling over the weekends?? This Saturday maybe??

Hi Polrad do you have cyclocomputers??

i can organize for you, i have one a cateye but second hand in very good condition its wireless

i cycle to athiriver andback,its not really far. buts its nice coz tehre aint no cars no sunday

Can I join you? what time on Sunday do you ride?? I have church in the mornings.....

yeah u can join but still we have to be incontact

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Looking for the guy that lives near Riverside in Nairobi. I'm looking for a couple of pairs bike shorts, a gel seat, adult large helmet. Kind of in a rush.

Need to buy a couple pairs of shorts, gel seat, adult large helmet in a hurry. Do you have?

Hey Myraa,

I know a good trainer , his name is Steve. His contact details are - 0717084924. He trains my squash coach on biking. He also trains my kids.

Hope this helps.

Hey Myraa,

I know a good trainer , his name is Steve. His contact details are - 0717084924. He trains my squash coach on biking. He also trains my kids.

Hope this helps.