Going out in Nairobi

Hi there,

Which are your 10 favorite places to go out in Nairobi?

Which places would you recommend to newcomers? (restaurants, pubs, discos, theaters, cinemas, concert halls...)


Hi,  I might have the spelling completely wrong on some of these but here goes -

1.Cinema at Junction/Westgate on Mondays.  Called Monday Madness, 500ksh for ticket including popcorn/soda and chocolate or hotdog.
2. Casablanca -  Nice trendy Morrocan style club/bar with comfy seats/open fires/hashish/ good drinks and cocktails.  DJ on Friday and Saturday nights. Good music.
Will update more late...need to pop out.  It's monday and want to try and make Monday Madness.

I guess it largely depends on preferred tastes of an individual.I've seen somebody here mentioned my kenyainfo.com they have a guide on restaurants and such.
Italian food is my personal favorite,so i love the Osteria restaurant on Lenana road.If brazilian cuisine,the meats and all that is your thing-then The Pampa restaurant in the Panari sky centre near the international airport is ideal.If you're not looking for anything too fancy,The Pizza garden in the Westlands area is ideal for a bite.
The mercury bar on Waiyaki way ABC building is my favorite bar,a bit pricy than most,but some work has been put in the deco,unlike most bars in nairobi.The Shooters and dips bar at The Panari Sky centre a couple of kms from the airport is lovely too.If a weekend partying is what you're after then you're in luck because by virtue of just an unexplained culture,nairobi revellers generally move into noisier pubs as the weekend nights goes by,the westlands area hosts most of the popular bars like Gypsy,Havana,Sohos and Black diamond.
Also,it doesnt hurt to make some kenyan friends for easier discovery of new places to go,be careful though,dont trust anybody too fast.To be safe,try to get acquinted with people that are friends with people you may already know,such as fellow workmates.

This is gonna be very helpful..thanks guys

Try Lenana road for some really nice restaurants - Misono (Sushi), Cedars (Lebanese), Red Sea (Ethiopian), Osteria/Casablanca (Italian+Bar) can be found here.

Habesha (Ethiopian) on Argwing Kodhek Road plus a great food court at the Yaya Centre on the same road are nice. This road probably has everything on it!

Westgate Mall & Sarit Centre in Westlands have some more good restaurants.

Hi am a Kenya i work in westlands the safest place in kenya to go for shopping is westlands sarit center,for movies is Village market,clubs is westlands pup they are are secure

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