Searching for people ...

... I can spend some time with and have fun!
Moved to Kenya one year ago. Now freshly separated...anyway somehow complicated.
I am especially interested in Nature & Gardening/Farming, Human beeings.
Ah, I am 34 Years old, orgininally from Germany.


My name is Lorraing am also 34 if you want we could meet.


Nice to see your mail...I just came to Nairobi, my second visit and planning to stay here for the next 3 years. Am a Indian but worked in several countries, 40 years and love reading, going out, travelling, nature, sports etc etc. I stay alone and looking for friends to share some good time...

Would like to hear from you...have a nice day and take care,



My name is ouko,

I stay n work in nairobi

maybe we cud meet n talk n get to know each other.

you cud get me on 0714612166


Hello istria,Lorraine and Suraj

looking for friends too. I am 30 and work and live in Nairobi.

if you want we could meet. kindly get in touch.

Hi Sasha!

Thanks for the mail...all three of us can meet up sometime this weekend??? let me know if you succeed talking to Istria/Lorraine???

Take care,


Hello Lorraine, Sasha and Suraj,
sorry i havent seen the replies. But I would like to meet you. Sending you a pn.

Hi Sasha,Suraj&Istria

Seems ours plans didn't pan out but how about this coming weekend?

Lorraine :)

Loraine,Istria & Suraj

This coming weekend is good with me.


Its good with me too so far...!

Let me know the plans...and send mails as I prefer to keep it within ourselves and not discuss things in a  open forum.

Hope u understand...


I m an italian guy 30 years old, just moved to nairobi and looking too for some new for me would be a pleasure to meet new ppl to hang out with and have fun.
feel free to contact me when and if u want.

0705273255 is my phone number.

hope to see u


Hi Claudio and welcome to!


Hello Lorraine, Sasha and Suraj,
next weekend might work - have to see when and where.
Sended u pn so we can talk about it more privat?

Hey... Just moved to Nairobi and would love to meet up.. Have you guys met up already?? count me in (umm... if this sunday then i can't make it)