Netball in Nairobi?

Hello! I just moved to Nairobi from London and am keen to join a netball team... does anyone in this forum play for a team, or know someone who does?

I used to play in London and it was a great way to make new friends (which I'm also keen to do!)

Hello Nairobi Al and welcome to!

I hope that you will soon have a lot of partners.

I may suggest you to post an ad in the Nairobi classifieds > community section/ Hobbies, Interests, Sport Partners.

It may help,

Thanks Harmonie, I will give that a go :)

Hi nairobi al...karibu kenya,...there are several places that u could go to for a game of netball but it depends on where u are staying coz of convinience of i play basket ball at railway sports club coz i stay on ngong road and its near there...

Hi Nairobi Al,

I play in a netball team and it is great fun but quite frustrating at times! How serious are you with your netball as there are some teams which are quite serious and compete in various tournaments - even some in other countries - and then there are other teams whom don't take it so seriously. The team I play for trains a couple of times a week and so it's fairly serious.
The only issue with Kenyan netball is the quality of courts and facilities. It's very unfortunate but we play on some terrible surfaces and I'm trying to sort out how we can improve this.
Oh and you have to get used to Kenyan time when it comes to tournaments - they will never start on time!
It's all fun though and I really love it.
Let me know what you think and I can give you a number of a lady to contact.

oh and I just saw you were married to a Kenyan so I'm sure you understand Kenyan time!! :)

Hi Bec, thanks for your message :)

The team I played for in London wasn't too serious - we played in a London city league with teams from other London law firms/ banks/ etc, and matches were held once or twice a week. Some teams took it really seriously, but we were quite relaxed. RE Kenyan timing, I'm getting used to it slowly...! But still always seem to arrive at things at least half an hour before everyone else does!

I am really interested in playing though, so if you could give me the number of the lady to contact that would be great. My number is 0739 888 889.

Aliya x

Hi Nairobi Al,
There are a number of clubs that you can enquire from. We have Railways sports club,Parklands sports club and Moi International Sports Centre...
I like what Rebbeca7 said...Kenyan timing...not so reliable but some clubs are quite serious so they are much better in keeping time.

Hope you find the best place for you!!!

I will be interesting too ? let me know if I can join
Solead french

Hi everyone,as you join others for the netball and other activities,we are having a get-together dinner for expatriates in Nairobi this coming Sunday,11th September,at Westgate shopping mall from 6:00pm. If you are interested,please share it in this discussion or contact me on: ***

This is because ther is a large number of expatriate who are new in Nairobi and wanted to make new friends.Hope to see you there.

Hey Al,

give me a call *** - we can meet for coffee and talk about it.
Solead, of course you can join. Give me a call also!


Hi there,
I've come across this forum quite late but wondered if anyone still had any advice about netball clubs/teams? I played quite a lot in England and would like to do some exercise and meet people at the weekend if there's anything going on!

Tekwane wrote:

Hi nairobi al...karibu kenya,...there are several places that u could go to for a game of netball but it depends on where u are staying coz of convinience of i play basket ball at railway sports club coz i stay on ngong road and its near there...

Do you play basketball in a proper league? I am interested in playing when I move there in a few weeks.

hello there, am Barnister Brenda, am so much interested in netball. please if you are a leader in any or if you can link me up with some serious group here is my number:***. Center is my favorite post but i would mind learning the rest.  Thanks.

rebecca7....You said it all, am impressed that you are doing something. I will appreciate and so much if you link me up to her.

Hi barnister,

Just to inform you that this is a 2 years old thread. I invite you to start a new topic on the Nairobi forum. ;)

Thank you,
Christine team

am also anetball player looking forn aclub to join within Nairobi

wiling to join netball club in nairibi

Just wondering how far you came with this netball? Am in mombasa and we are seriously self sponsoring team.......we have tournaments every month!!! ***

Hello Jane N. chege and welcome to

Kindly note that the initial post is dated back to 2011!

Hope you get some response though!

Kenjee Team

Yes i did note that.......

I'd love to join your team...where are you located

Hello beyoncewanjira30,

Welcome to  :cheers:

Please note that this thread is old and has been inactive for a while.  :(

I suggest that you post an advert in the Nairobi classifieds section.

There is a dedicated category for sport partners.


Cheryl team

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