Women's netball in Nairobi

I have been in Nairobi for a year  and  close to 4 months now. I am big netball fanatic having played all through primary school,  high school,  uni and a little bit in a netball club in Manchester. I have longed to play  netball mostly for fun and also to meet like minded people. I have contacted a few clubs within Nairobi, but none seems to have a netball programme. I saw a thread from about 6years ago here and there seemed to be a good number of ladies interested in playing netball. Does anyone know of a club with a good netball facility?Does anyone know of a netball field even within a school that can be  easily accessible for netball games? Do you know of any group of women regularly meeting for netball games,  even for fun and just for love of the game? In case there aren't,  are there some people on here,  willing to come together,  find a play field and just start an expat netball lovers club? It would be great to hear from anyone like that so that we can get together,  talk and play the game we love. I really would love to start  playing again soon and I am waiting  to hear from others who are either playing g or would love to resume playing this fabulous game.

I would love to play and would be keen to find a court/ facilities and set up a league!

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