Cycling/biking in Nairobi

Are there any cycling clubs in Nairobi? Would like to join, though cycling in Nairobi can be a nightmare! Do they go on excusions out of town? :cool: How about biking clubs?

Hi there - I just got to Nairobi and am interested in the same question.  Did you ever find any?

Nope, apparently there're none. Well I've already mapped my route and cycling on weekends mostly ---- less traffic ;-)

Nim0 wrote:

As I'm already cycling on weekends, I'll start a cycling 'club'.  Anyone is welcome to join, Sundays & Saturdays at 7:30 - 8.30am...before traffic smog. So club rule is; You snooze you lose! :)

Start & finish point>>> 14 Riverside Drive, Westlands, light breakfast at agreed pit stop.

Nim0 wrote:

ok! after some arm twisting  and *$!@#%^#! by my charming couch-potato friend :P, we'll make that 8:00 to 9:00am. So, lets ride! :cool:

Great count me in. How did it go?

was good, 2 people showed up, did 30 mins ride & a pit stop at Arte Cafe Westgate.  Discussions about a February up-country ride & picnic from Kentmere Club, Limuru came up. We'll see!

Since this is a post on cycling, does anyone know where i can rent a bike, I am more into running but would like to switch  between running and cycling to build my quads.
PS: Karura Forest has a good trail used by riders and runners, and there is cycling club

Thanks suzzymims! Call 0722760407  I bought my bike from him, he imports and sells all kinds, he might be of help

H Guys
There is a shop next to yaya sky bikes they rent out bikes and sell second hand bikes at affordable rates. Also there is a cycle at Ngong Forest on the 24 March organised by H&A Sports, they also organize triathlons if you are interested.

i am a lone cyclist too....a cycling club sounds good.i have my own route i follow,its 20.75km long.if interested in a new cycling mate whatsapp me :) [Moderated: Please send numbers in private]

..gosh, happy new year guys...add me and keep me posted! 0714786332/9735413327. Excellent

hello new here..
av been cycling ever since i was born..i ride through nairobi town like everyday with ease.i wonder why people fear our roads so much as long as ur carefull.considering to join a club soon.maybe

Hello good people,

I work at a cycling/outdoor fitness club in Nairobi. If you would like to join the sunday rides, you are welcome. If you are a beginner and would like some training, we offer that too.


hi.didnt have chance to cycle when young-still feel young.Anyone who can teach me cycling? am 53!
email on [email protected]

Two Facebook groups to look at:

I am living in Kalimoni (20 km from Nairobi) and I am fun of cycling.
I am rebuilding 2nd hand sport bicycle

Hey. Am writing an article on cycling routes in Nairobi. Please get in touch if you can help or if you have a cycling group/club that I can feature. Thanks

Fastastic! ....hmmmm......just wondering..... could you dedicate a sizable chunk of it to 'the lack of proper cycling paths, air-head drivers and gawky pedestrians?' Unless that has since changed!(?) For cyclists that's the bigger issue (sensitize drivers & put proper paths) .....not which route to take. To avoid the d*ick heads I got stuck to "regular routes" which could be rather dull sometimes....Anyhow, my regular route was Riverside drive > Dennis Pritt Rd > Ole Nguruone Rd > Jame Gichuru > Riverside Drive. Once in a while I would brave the Waiyaki Highway smog & trucks, down Rhapta Rd and back to Riverside.  But I loved to stray off the 'beaten path' and cycle in Karura forest and other 'virgin' lands :-)  Damn! makes me want to pack & come back home! 

All the best! And do share with me a copy

@ SamBha1

Wanjiku1 wrote:

Hello good people,

I work at a cycling/outdoor fitness club in Nairobi. If you would like to join the sunday rides, you are welcome. If you are a beginner and would like some training, we offer that too.


Hello, I am beginner cyclist, am searching for Sunday group cycling group

Hi everyone ! I have just joined this site as i am looking for x3 mountain bikes and i was required to create a profile etc. Navigating through i've come across this post and realising the thread is as old as from 2013. Anybody still active here ? Reading through, i've picked up the 2nd hand guy at pc world, the place mentioned next to yaya centre. Any other suggestions please ?

Thank you.


#nim0 i just spoke to the person whos number youve posted and he seems very helpful. this weekend i will be going to see the bikes he has.

Hello - can anyone let me know if there are any active cycling groups in Denis pritt road area or close to yaya?

I realize this post has been ongoing for years but hopefully this additional info will help anyone reading and following this thread.  Here are some ideas on where you can cycle in kenya inclusive of hiring them -

I am also interested to join cycling group in nairobi ... Is there any active group or people's who cycling on Saturday or Sunday morning?

Hi! I'm a triathlete training for Ironman, Kona on October 10th, and I'll be in Karen, Kenya for school for 14 weeks, from June to September. Obviously I can't train for Kona and not ride for 14 weeks...but I'm hesitant to bring my time trial bike. Is there a good place in Karen or Nairobi anyone knows of to rent a decent quality road bike long term? If so, any ideas what the price range would be?

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I am looking to move to Nairobi for 1 year as my son is attending a course  near in Langata.
I will be looking to rent a 2 bed flat near Langata and will need a car for 1 year.
Any pointers to finding a good flat in a secure spot as near as possible to Gems School and a place to long term rent a car with/without driver would be much appreciated.
Also, my wife will stay there for the full year, however, I cannot due to work commitments.
If I can find an avenue to earn a living whilst there then I woulod relish the opportunity.
My there a market for e-bikes (electric power assisted bikes).
I am currently a dealer for Batribike in UK and am wondering if there might be a demand in Kenya.
The local UK retail price of these bikes is approx £1000.
Looking forward to your tips and advice....


Hi,  i think e-bikes are a great idea but unless things have changed in the last 6 months since i was in Nairobi, I would say that only a very small % of people in kenya ride outdoor bikes for fun/exercise. Majority do it as a way of living (i.e. boda boda) or as a cheap way to commute...doubt they would afford an e-bike at 1,000GBP much less have electricity in their homes to power it (electricity in kenya can be quite expensive).  My two cents worth, trying to make a living off the e-bikes would be a far cry from what you intend, bearing in mind that those who can afford it would probably not want to ride it in the towns due to the heavy traffic, bad drivers, as well as personal risks given there are no designated bike paths. 

If you are serious about this and tarketing a mass market, I would advice that you first circulate some adverts (e.g. in the local newpapers  - sale on order ) before you invest in bringing the bikes to kenya....then gauge and see how much interest or demand you get on them....if that phone doesn't ring, then perharps you might need to ditch the plan or narrow down and target the smaller middle/upper class groups in the leafy suburbs eg karen and muthaiga where its 'safer' to ride bikes,  and perharps even package the concept as an environmentally friendly option e.g to commute to the shopping malls or between friends houses for high tea ;-)

PS: You might find a niche market amongst individuals who wish to buy a motorbike (e.g. for commuter boda-boad business) but cant afford one.  Though that too might not be a mass market yet.

hey there, there is a cycling club in Nairobi called Maraundi Kenya, meets every 2nd last sunday of the month at Karura forest. you can get in touch with the admin on: ***to join in the fun :)

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karibu kenya. We have a car rental business. my email address is ****
We'll give you the best price you can ever imagine.

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Hi guys. Are there any cyclists in Kisumu? If yes, you can join a group of cyclists on 18th July    for a short (25km) fun ride. The meeting point is at Jomo Kenyatta Grounds at 9:00 am.You can inbox me for more details.

@ jdlukasik, hows the bike training in Nbi going? Let me know what you found in Karen, i can join you for a few rides. Visiting from the 23rd Sept.

Any 30 to 40 km road routes from Westlands that aren't too hectic with traffic? Looking to ride 2 short ones weekdays and a long one (90kms) on Sat or Sunday morning

Pitt_PE wrote:

Any 30 to 40 km road routes from Westlands that aren't too hectic with traffic? Looking to ride 2 short ones weekdays and a long one (90kms) on Sat or Sunday morning

For approx 30-40 km you could try Sarit centre>Peponi Rd>Thigiri Ridge Rd>Limuru Rd> Ruaka Rd> Tala Rd> Ridgeway Drive> Muthaiga Rd or Old Kiambu Rd> Limuru Rd> Thigiri Ridge Rd> Peponi> Sarit Centre.  Lots of hills and fairly good scenery, little traffic on wknd mornings.

From Ridgeway Drive you can alternate and go through the Karura Forest instead to join Limuru Road. Other alternatives can be through Spring valley, Red Hill and Lower Kabete areas

Long rides would be nice if you go to places like Limuru (the Golf & Kentmere Club areas) from Westlands and there are some inner roads you can use to avoid traffic. Karen is also good for long and short cycling

Hope you enjoy! Let us know if you discover better routes :)

hey you found help?

Hey guys,kindly check … /timeline/ or find Baiskeli Adventures on facebook
For amazing cycling adventures around Nairobi or Kenya.
I hope this helps.

Thanks Nim0 for the route, I'll definitely try it out.

Baiskeli Adventures seems interesting but don't have a mountain bike. Do you guys hire them out?

I'll join the Sunday group and probably try Limuru and back on a Saturday morning if anyone is keen.


@Pitt Call 0722760407  I bought my 2nd hand mountain bike from him, it was in good shape he imports from UK and might be of help. Someone had also mentioned Sky bikes near Yaya centre. Its been a while since, so i dont know if either of them are still operating