Resignation via registered post

Hello everyone,

Today I got offer letter from company and I want to sent resignation via registered post, please suggest me what I can write in resignation letter , like do I have to mention last duty day or what I can write so I can say to cancel my visa asap.


Google for sample resignation letters.

Ok, I have company cr number but when I search for po box number with Cr at po box is showing nothing.

How I can find company Po box address


You work in the company, you should know the address. How can people here tell you?

Alternatively, go to Sijilat and search company CR, it will show registered address. u have checked on sijilat but no po box number..

Anyway thanks for your valuable reply I'll find from office person

Thanks again

The letter has to be sent to registered address. PO box is not needed if it's not on registered address.

Mobility paper required from lmra or not , because my new employer said resignation via registered post and get pink slip mobility is not important

Your employer has already told you.  Get the pink slip only.

Can anyone explain benefit of mobility from lmra?

my visa  remaining  4 month balance i got another job my current employer refuse me so what should i do? please let me know

Read this:

Thanks you

I sent resignation via registered post and waiting for pink slip..also I got mobility from lmra do I have to give copy of mobility to company.


Is it necessary to work resignation notice period?

Yes if your company asks you to.

Today I clear my store....I have mobility, pink slip as well offer letter and already tell to HR about transfer

Still they can send back me India?
Any knowledge suggestion or ideas


No they can't.

My visa is cancelled, where do I get cancellation certificate...

Ask employer to take print from EMS system.

My new employer applied my visa on 8th of April after cancellation of my old visa but till it showing visa in progress...

How much time it can take?