HELP NEEDED- foreign language assistant in madrid/ charity work


I'm planning to move to Madrid in october for at least 6 month. My project would be to work half time in a charity association and half time as a foreign language assistant ( I speak Italian, german, french and english). I don't speak spanish yet, but can understand and read it without too many difficulties. If you have any tips, adress or contact I could call, I would really appreciate it as times is running against me.
Do you know any school that could look for a french/italian/english/german language assistant ?
Do you know any association who could be interested by a new volunteer ?

and for a practical advice: do you know have any tipps to rent a flat with two pets ? ( I know....)
thank you for your answers

Hi and welcome on board Gfabreluce!

Maybe you could try posting an advert in the jobs section of Madrid classifieds.
Hope it helps!


hey ! thanks for the advice, though I've heard the moment isn't perfect to look for a job in madrid. Have you heard anything ??

I've heard the same about Spain!
Hopefully the situation will get better but from what i heard the rate of unemployment is very high.

I hope other members there will tell you more about it.