Working with special needs children (as an English speaker) in Madrid

Is anyone aware of work opportunities in Madrid that involve working with special needs children as an English-speaker (working with expats, etc.?) I have a Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and several years of experience working with children with autism. I'd like to continue working in this field after moving to Madrid in a few months, but my Spanish is currently limited.
Thanks for your help.

My Wife, also an English speaker, is a Learning Disability Nurse and Diabetes educator (Type 2) and we are also thinking of emigrating to Tenerife. We would love to hear of any opportunities or possibilities of work or something related. Thanks

Hello and thanks for starting this thread.  I'm another English speaker interested in working with SEN children/young adults in Spain in the future.  I have studied Spanish for a year and have an entry level qualification. I am an English and EAL teacher by profession, but have spent the last 2 years supporting various SENs in primary, secondary and further education.  I think as English speakers we might be lucky to find a rare post as a Teaching Assistant in British or International schools, but I have only seen 3 roles in the past 2 years of searching.  My preference would be working with kids in the state sector but with the unemployment situation in Spain I am unlikely to be offered such positions, and of course I would need an advanced level of Spanish.  Hope others with more experience can offer some advice on here.

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