Jobs in Madrid for English speaker, Intermediate Spanish

Hello I am planning to move to Madrid this summer.
My native tongue is English and I speak intermediate Spanish. Can anyone tell  me the opportunities available?
I understand unemployment is very high, I am prepared to do pretty much anything once I get there to earn some money.
Any tips, or advice?

Hello adge,

I will suggest you to browse through the articles on the Work in Spain guide page. It contains many useful information which will surely guide you in your career search.

Wish you best of luck for your hunt.


Hi Adge

Give me a shout when you arrive and although i may not be able to help personally, my boyfriend has been an expat here for 19 years, so we could hook up and try and give you some helpful advice or just extend the hand of friendship to a fellow north eastener - (I'm not, but my boyfriend is ;o)

Hopefully see you in the Summer. Janey x

Ok.  North Westerner - I'm from the south east - hence the embarrasing mistake!  LOL.

Hi Janey..not to worry, in relation to Madrid I am in the north east haha.
Well I really appreciate your offer, I will definetely be in touch.
It seems impossible to sort a job out before I get there, so looks like I will have to get there and hope to find a job!

Hello Johanna, I am currently doing a TEFL course online, but thanks for the offer.

Hi everybody !

I am a french student of 21 old years, and I am looking for an internship from June 2011 to the end of September 2011 in Madrid.

I'm looking for a company which has a marketing, import export, sales and pucharsing department in Madrid for a long time.

But I'm currently in Mexico DF, for a university exchange from january to june 2011.

I study at Bordeaux IUT TECH DE CO, a lincense Cross Cultural Management, and the goal of this program is to spend 8 month abroad.

I'm writting you because my situation is very urgent, because june is coming soon and I don't have any internship in Madrid ( or London).

If you have any adress, please let me know, I would be very grateful for your help.

My email adress is : [email protected]

Best Regards

Gwendoline vinh