Hi all!

We are a young and motivated spanish team looking for native speakers for a new Teaching Concept in the south of Madrid.
If you want to begin a new career teaching and enjoying meeting people this is your place to work! We give you the opportunity to manage your groups combining them with your personal life.

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Hi Noedeluxe,

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I 've moved your post to the english speaking forum of Madrid for a better interaction with the other members.

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Hi Noedeluxe,
I am a native speaker and I would like you to explain deeper your project because  might be interested to join it.
My email is mariano.ruiz.m@hotmail,es in case you want to send me information.
Mariano Ruiz

My name is Andrea Katz and I am a Canadian currently living in Madrid. I have a lot of teaching experience; last year I was an auxiliare de conversacion with the comunidad de Madrid and this year as well as last year I have been teaching private English classes. I am currently looking for more work and I am very interested in your offer. If you could send me an email with a few more details about the project/position I would really appreciate it. My email is [email protected]
Thank you very much.
I look forward to hearing from you.

My phone number is... and my email is [email protected]
I wonder The kind of work you are looping for.
I have two sons of 14 and 18 years old.
The eldest is about to start University and I would like flexible classes during this summer and The youngest is losing
Little by little all he Learned earlier
In addition Owould like to.raise my level