Do you want to appear in a short film shot in Madrid?

Hi there

We are shooting an independent short film in Madrid. Shooting starts next week, over a 2 week period.

We need some Brits for some of the scenes, mostly for background. Anyone interested, please reply here.

In particular we need a family of 4: mum, dad (any ages) plus 2 kids ideally between 3 and 10 years old. The family is most important as they need to be in a particular scene, where the main character, a Spanish child tries to communicate with the 2 children at a hotel, but fails because she doesn't speak English and they don't speak Spanish. No dialogue is required as such, so no acting experience required. This scene will be filmed on Wednesday 7th April, so you will need to be available for the day.

The film is being directed by Mariela Artiles of Candella Films. It has a professional film crew and some well known Spanish actors and will be shown around most of the big international film festivals.

Everyone is providing their services for the film free, and there is only a tiny budget, so unfortunately we cannot pay, but you could be FAMOUS! :)

Please let me know if you want to be involved, should be fun!

Oh, actually any English speaking nationalities would be welcome. Does not have to be Brits!

have you already find someone? Best of lucks!


Are you based in Madrid?  I run an actor training/production company called The Actors Temple (  i am a professional actor but concentrating on teaching other actors at the moment to build a company for future productions.  We have some great actors who we are already working with out here, many of them speak good English. I suppose more than anything i am interested in making contact with other creative people out here especially in production.  We are a great recourse not only for actors but for film makers alike and already have a very good reputation in UK... Check us out if you have time... If your interested to talk more then please get back.

Take care... M

oh too bad IŽm a year late ! aww ! the role is so perfect for us ! mom dad and 2 kids !

how was  the shooting?