30 year old danish girl - Looking for a job in Madrid!!

Hi there!!

I am looking for a job in Madrid. I am educated an occupational therapist. Do any of you guys know if there are any english hospitals in Madrid or english health-care jobs ?? I am also willing to work outside my own working field- any job where I could use my english skills or my danish language. I would absolutely love and appreciate  good advice/ ideas....  I hope you can help me. This is a big dream of mine. Friendly regards from Lisbeth.  :)

Hi Lisbeth,

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The Jobs in Madrid section is at your disposal, do note that you can drop your CV in the category that fits you the most. :)

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Hi and welcome to Madrid. Try the bilingual medical centre Unidad Medica in Serrano for starters! Good luck!


Glad to know you want to live the spanish experience. I highly recommend you take spanish classes before coming in because most people don't speak english or very little. It's changing but slowly. so be prepared to learn a new language. I think you have opportunities but there has been lots of cut in health budget in Spain recently. So I would highly recommend a private company. If you want to know more , just contact me privately. I have been in Spain for 5 years now, and in Madrid. So I have experience in settling down in Spain. Good luck.

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IŽm no  speak english, but spanish.If you want,conversacion en spanish.

Hope you found work. How is it going ?