Actors wanted!


I'm a spanish student currently studying Screenwriting in ECAM. (Film school of Madrid.)
We're looking for american and/or english actors for a 16mm short film, which will be shot entirely in English.

Advanced acting experience is not necessary: if you're interested in attenting the casting call, please contact me!


Welcome on Laila Ruiz Castillo ;)

Can you please post your message on the Madrid Classifieds, Section>Jobs.


Hi, Yud

sorry, I did that before I posted it in here...but then I couldnt find it. I thought I would get a notification email but I didnt...

Anyways, I re-posted it in the classified section :)


hi, iŽm filipina , english is our 2nd langauge, of what age range are you looking for ? how many cast do you need and for what role ?