HSM, Change Which Spouse is Working

Hi all, especially Cynic who will likely answer!

We're British, living in Toronto and exploring a move to NL in a few years. Both myself and my partner would qualify for HSM, assuming we could find work. However, it is likely that whichever one of us who does not find work first, will stay home or work part time to look after kid(s). If this is the case, what happens if we want to change which partner is working full time?

From looking at examples of people switching job, I'm guessing the non-working partner just finds a job and has the employer sponsor a HSM visa for them? Then the working partner quits, but still retains work rights as the spouse of someone with HSM visa?

Thanks in advance. Forums like this were super useful when we were moving to Canada, keep up the good work!

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Just to clarity; a HSM is a sponsorship visa; the employer must be registered with the IND in order for them to sponsor anybody on this scheme.  Normally the employer applies and informs IND that there is a spouse and kids (if applicable) attached to the application; the whole thing can take as little as 2 weeks from start to finish; it can take up to 90 days if questions get asked. 

To answer your question, it doesn't matter.  Assuming you are the HSM and your wife/kids are the "family"; the only thing of note if you do swap, would be to notify the IND of the change of circumstances; as long as you don't become a burden on the State, I'd be surprised if they said any more than "thank you for letting us know".

If you have any further specific questions, please come back to us.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Cynic, I'm a little confused though. I can't find any mention of the 150km rule in relation to HSM visa. That does seem to be a requirement for the 30% rule though. My understanding is that one doesn't have to get the 30% ruling in order to have HSM visa?

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My reference on HSM: https://business.gov.nl/coming-to-the-n … -migrants/

Ah well, “link under review”... but anyway, I've been looking on “business gov nl”

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HSM and tax rule are 2 entirely different things - my bad; I'm babysitting my grandson, so was distracted.  That said, the only thing about them really is the tax rule is really only salary linked, so if you earn enough, perhaps a consideration.

I 've gone back and amended my original response, it was really bugging me.

It makes as much sense now as it ever is.

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Brilliant, thanks Cynic!