Permesso di soggiorno renewal

Has anyone on this forum renewed their Permesso in the last few months?  If so how long after the visit to the Questura when you did all your fingerprints etc did you receive your actual cards. 
Thank you
7 September 2010

I just received my initial Permesso today (22 September). I had my appointment back on 29 July. Jay

Thank you so much for letting me know.  That is very helpful!

Hi Jay
We have been tracking our permesso online and it says it is ready.  Did you track yours and if so how many days from seeing that message did you get the sms to collect it.
Thanks again for your help.

I am going to Questura tomorrow with all the documents for my initial Permesso di Soggiorno.  Any pitfalls I should be looking for?  How much does it influence their judgement if your italian is spotty?

Once you get to the counter they are normally very nice.  It’s just always such a long wait.  Which one are you going to?   Do you have an appointment?


I had my appointment on September 9th for first "permesso". Though it says on the website that is ready, I am still waiting for the SMS to pick it up. Anyone in the same situation? should I go there anyway and ask if it's ready? I did all the procedure at Naples (questura di Napoli). Thank you!

We had the same situation - we waited for 3 weeks for the sms which never came!  So we went to the Questura on collection day (they have specific days for collections) and they gave it to us without asking for the sms.  We get ours from the Cuneo Questura.  Hope it works for you.

Hi! thank you for the information, it was very helpful. It is amazing how the play with our time with this permesso situation. Unfortunately I am in Turin, so is not everyday that I can go check if my permesso is actually ready in Naples. I have found some information that they are giving the documents to all the people waiting on January 29th.

I think the problem is that they have a big backlog because of Covid restrictions and they will only see so many people per day to avoid crowding.   We have been doing this for 11 years every second year.  Our latest renewal was the longest we have had to wait.

Thanks to you of you for this valuable info!

58 days from the visit to getting the card, in Lecco.

Hi everyone--My girlfriend and I want to move permanently to Lombardy in the spring of 2022. Can anyone tell us what kind of visa or permit we need to do this? We know that a Schengen visa is for only 90 days.
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Hello, it sounds like you may have the info I need. My gf and I intend to move to Lombardy in June 2022.  We need to know what steps to take to obtain visas for permanent residency. It sounds like, from your posts, that you have had to have a permit or visa renewed every two years? Any light you can shed on this topic will be most appreciated.
Many thanks

Hi Lorenzo - I don’t have all the answers for you but I will give you our experience with Permesso’s.  We are on South African passports.  We bought a home in Mondovi in 2010.  We have lived in Italy for a maximum of 5 months every year since then.   Because we do not live here for a maximum of 6 months every year, we at this stage do not qualify for a long term Permesso.  We have what they call a Permesso di Soggiorno residenza electiva which has to be renewed every two years.  We are currently in talks with a lawyer to find out the exact rules to acquire the 5 year Permesso carte lungo.   It seems at this stage that to qualify for this we have to write an Italian language test and pass A2 level and live here longer than 6 months a year.   

I am not sure where you are living or what passport you are on.  I would contact the Italian Embassy where you live and make enquiries.  Sorry I can’t be more helpful. 

Good luck. Kind regards


Thank you for your reply, Diane. We have just written to the embassy in San Francisco for more information.

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