Hello all.  I just moved to Helsinki with my boyfriend a few weeks ago.  I'm looking for work now, and trying to not get discouraged by all the negativity I read and hear about foreigners finding work in Finland :)  Does anyone one know of any open jobs?  I'm currently looking for anything....cleaner, dish washer, nanny...basically anything to make a little money while I look for something more permanent.  I have a valid visa, and I should be receiving my Finnish ID number soon, so legality is not an issue.  I'm also wondering if anyone knows how one finds about jobs like cleaners, dishwashers, etc.  Any information and leads will be helpful.  Thanks!


Hi Victoria,

You should post an advert in the Helsinki classifieds > job section as well. It might help you. :)

I wish you good luck in your search,

If you have a valid visa (permanent), why going to struggle for nothing..better consult the integration plan from the employment office and learn Finnish FIRST!! Then you dont have to look out for jobs after couple of months, jobs will find you...

So, you just came here, relax and don't be in a rush... take it easy and do something constructive for yourself instead of wasting your time with washing dishes or cleaning floors...

Take the golden opportunity and learn the language for free, in fact you getting paid for that...

I have a hard time believing jobs will just find you. I'm a finnish citizen with a tourism degree and I have a hard time finding ANY job. I do agree that learning finnish is a great idea. If there is a LIDL shop near where you live you should try applying. They often look for part time workers and are happy to take foreigners, even those with limited finnish knowledge. You should also sign up with a job employment office near you. Visit for more information.

Well...based on my own experience (personal and professional), I didn't find it that hard to get a job in Helsinki ( I mean Hospitality ones). I got many opportunities, however I could only managed to work in Conference and banqueting where I don't have to use the language; just English and French were fine.

Then I realised that if you speak perfect Finnish, at that point, there should not be any problem to bag a hospitality job... Now if your are a Finnish Citizen, my goodness!!

I am a non-EU National, I have only an Diploma in Hotel Mgt, I never worked in Finland, I didn't know anyone(no Finnish Reference), I don't speak Finnish, but I never gave up..

However, I'll still suggest 'vveach' to forget the idea of struggling with dish washing or cleaning, better opt for the Language Course. It takes some time but it surely helps out in the future..

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Hello Mark

I cannot really 'help' you but I could have guided you how to reach potential employers in the hotel and restaurant industry of Finland as long as you are already in Helsinki.

Having said that, it's not that simple!!

1. Firstly, you need to have permission ( a valid work permit to work in the EU ) to work in Finland; usually in the form of a student Finnish residence permit.

2. Unfortunately, you must have guessed that Finland speaks only Finnish & Swedish Language. SO a very basic skill of Finnish Language is required and is enough to set up banquet tables, carry 3 plates, pour wines, clear plates etc :)

3. No one will hire you if you do not possess a Finnish Hygiene Certificate, Salmonella Test Certificate, FINNISH Alcohol Pass Certificate etc...

Don't take it personal, but even if you have 20 years of Hospitality experience from Goa, it literally means nothing in Finland unless you fit those basic criteria I mentioned above.

Now, tell me wot do you think about your plan :)

Best Regards