Want to move to finland

Greetings, I am Sunny, 28 yo from India.

I wish to move to Vantaa, Finland. I need a job offer there to officially work and obtain a residence permit. I speak English and Hindi only. I am willing to do odd jobs (cleaning etc) and also attend finnish classes to find a better job later. Can I obtain a residence permit based on the cleaning jobs/odd jobs?

Yes, you can. Although you must return to your own country to apply for the residence permit.

http://www.formin.fi/public/default.asp … ture=en-US

And in order to work, you need a work permit. To get a work permit, you must have a job waiting for you.

http://www.mol.fi/mol/en/02_working/05_ … /index.jsp

There are some jobs for which you do not need a work permit.
Lots of foreigners come to Finland in the summer season to work in agriculture, namely to pick berries.

http://www.mol.fi/mol/en/02_working/05_ … /index.jsp

So it is complicated. Just to enter into Finland you need a visa.

Thanks for your valuable advise. So you mean I can apply for residence permit based on cleaning jobs (from my home country) etc? and do such jobs needs work permit too?
I am planning to come in May-June on tourist Visa.

Yeah its bit complicated. How fast can some non-finnish speaker can get a job during summer time and with what average pay. As these jobs are seasonal in nature 3-4 months, do they give residence permit on the basis of such short term job?

So what according to you is the best approach to do all this?

1. Come there as a tourist for 20-30 days visa during summer.
2. Look for a berry picking job. Get a joining date with them and return back?
3. Apply for residence permit from home country and return to Finland and join the job?


I think cleaning jobs need a permit. Read carefully the info on the websites I indicated, it's all there. I don't know the details on applying for a seasonal job nor the wages, which I suspect are not much. Seasonal jobs do not qualify you for a long-term residence permit, and I don't think there are many berry farms near Vantaa, where you wish to live. But it is a foot in the door.

I assume you have friends in Vantaa? Your plan of coming first as a tourist might give you a chance to look for a long-term job here and find out more about what you can do.

Good luck!

Yeah, I have a friend there. Yeah, I guess I have to come there as a tourist first and look at at some non-finnish speaking jobs.

Thanks a lot!

bhai an u gve me ur no. ya mera lelo 7676264632 ...even i m moving there fr masters

@ashishguptabio -> Can you please introduce yourself? :/

Thank you,

i am ashish from india even i m moving finland fr masters and as everone is afraid of not having friends there so i am ,so all those moving to finland lets be in touch
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