Looking for a job as a nanny.

Dear family,
I would like to become a nanny for a friendly family in Helsinki.
I am 33 year old, married, with 3 children. I have a professional bachelor in education an a special education teacher's qualification. I graduated with distinction - I got 10 (the highest possible mark) for my thesis and another 10 for government's exam.
I prepared for school my oldest daughter Anna myself. She knew all the letters, when she was 2, she read her first 8 books, when she was 4, she read about 180 books, when she was 5. Anna began school, when she was 6 years old, and, she is the best pupil in the class, where all the other children are 7 or 8 years old, so, I think, I am good at teaching children.
I have invented more than 100 educational toys, what could be made from wood. I am good at choosing the best educational toys for each children.
I am an educated woman from an educated family.I have 2 university educations, my husband Aldis has 4 university educations. My mother has 2 university educations, and, she works as a teacher. My father has a doctors degree, and he works as a scientist and linguist. My sister has a master's degree, and, she works as a teacher.
I am not good at cooking food and cleaning home, so, I would like better, if I will not have to do those things, but, if it will be necessary, then you will have to teach me to do it, and, you will have to be patient with my mistakes in those things.
I am very creative and good at listening to other people.
I am simple and friendly, and, I want to work in a friendly family.
I want to work in Helsinki. I don't know Finnish language yet (even through my father is teaching Finnish linguistics at the university of Latvia), but I am learning it, and I will continue to learn it, until I will know it well. I have lived in Helsinki more than 2 months, and I liked there very much.
I will move together with my family, so, we will need ether a room or 2 rooms in the apartment or house of the family, for whom I will work, or, a salary big enough to rent a room or a small apartment for our family in Helsinki. We can live very simple and for little money, so you will not have to pay me big money, If you will find for us a cheap living place.
I have worked as a nanny in 2 families, with 2 children in each of those families. I can send you e-mail, address and phone number of the last mom, for whom I worked, so you could get a recommendation about me.
Thank you.
Hoping to become another family member in your family,
With respect,

Hi Liga and welcome to Expat.com!

Could you please post your advert in the new section of Jobs in Helsinki?;) It may help.;)


There are many English language play schools in the Helsinki area. Perhaps you could try to find work with one of those...

Either way, good luck with your job search!