Work for writers in Helsinki


My partner and I are considering moving to Helsinki from England. He has a job secured there already but I am struggling to find out what jobs there may be for me. I currently work as a PA for a large company over here and am aware that this is not an option in Finland due to the language barrier.

I am also a script writer- (stage, screen, radio) - unproduced, and wonder if anyone knows of any job opportunities where these skills could be used.

Also, are there many opportunities to work in the tourism sector as a guide in Helsinki?

Any info would be great.
Thanks in advance.

Me again,

We are definately moving to Helsinki in May and any help on anywhere that I could get in touch with for writing / editing / reading work would be much appreciated.

Does anyone know of any magazines / papers that publish in English?


I am currently working over a book covering history of Russian and USSR students sports movement.
Might need editing from professionals.

I am Russian but live partly in Finland.

Please keep intouch with me by

Yours sincerely,