Job and accommodate in finland

hi guys.. i would like to work in finland because some people toldme about the opportonities of jobs in this beautiful country and the people work in peace, respect all kinds of ideologies, i am from  Chiapas,Mexico, the situation of my country is so poor in all the areas, apart in addition there, is much corruption, bad salaries, no jobs, bad education, unfortunately all wrong, and i have over 40 and many companies donŽt hire to people over 40.
i have my degree in tourism so i would like to work in a hotel or something related to my career,

so please somebody helpme please
my situation in chaotic and i need to work,,,
god bless
your friend
jose antonio farrera figueroa


I would suggest you to post an advert in the Helsinki jobs section. It might be of some help!


You can search in but do you need speak Finnish for understand this page and I can pass page for jobs in Summer or something else.

Only tell me!

Good luck!

rly rly i want a work here in finlande.i can work very much in other places but dont pay like my desire.who can help me.write plz. :)

Hello Al Boy.

Welcome to!

You can try to post an advert in the jobs in Helsinki section. It can help.

You may also start a new thread on the Helsinki forum if you have any specific questions to ask.

Thank you,