Moving to Finland as a non-skilled worker

Hello everyone,

Am new on the platform and am so excited to be part of it.

I heard that there are seasonal jobs in Finland which provide employment opportunities for foreigners.

Does anyone here have any information on how one can apply to organisations that offer work permits/visas to non-skilled workers.

I would love to relocate to Finland and I heard that getting a job as a berry/fruit picker is the easiest route.

Is there anyone who can help or has information about farms that hire non-skilled foreigners?

Any response will be highly appreciated.

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Hallow  this  kind  of jobs comes between  May to September and  you  can  check  availability  on month of march already so you  look  on Southern  part  of Finland  where  farming  is most likely to be.

Hi Kebab,

Thank you for your response. It is well noted and I really appreciate it.