What's changing in India after the COVID-19 crisis

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As the Editorial Team of Expat.com, our aim is to provide you with fresh and up-to-date information about the COVID-19 crisis in your host country. You might be expecting a lot of changes following the crisis, especially in terms of entry and visa requirements, work, buying property, education, etc.

Whether you're looking to relocate to India after the crisis or you have already settled in, here's what you need to know:

Post-COVID-19 changes in India

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Many things change after pandemic in the world , India is also get affected by that.
50k plus people lost there life in a pandemic, lakhs of people lost their jobs

It's some what better way going on here... ,
How is about the status has helding on there?
Do you have any job openings?

Mostly the safety measures are changing. Getting Sanitized and wearing mask. These will be mandatory for at least a year or so.

Things are visibly relaxed here in Tier-II cities in Gujarāt.  Here, we still have masks, sanitizing, and temp-taking.  Other than that, things are normal with only less than 2400 active cases in the state.  Some states in America have more active cases than the whole of India!

I heard on Wionews on YouTube that India has resumed or is resuming int'l flights, and current tourist visas are to be resumed.  For those of you who have them.