Need advice where to complain for the travel agency

Could someone please advice me the right organisation in Delhi where i can officially complain for not providing promised services by the travel agency. Is it a ministry for tourism ? And how to find the right contact details to submit?

hey i think u should contact another local travel agent about this... he will surely tell u where to complain



I donot know about you to suggest, I mean which national or local and what type of promise that the travel agent not honoured etc., if its not so serious leave it after talking to owner or top manager of the tavel agency. If its serious can lodge a complaint to local Police. or Else if the travel agent is approved by any state or central tourist dept. You can lodge a complaint in the respective office.

Thank you. I do not want to leave it and I value my time and nerves. Also unprofessional people like that spoil the impression of the country. I saw other complaints for this person in internet and questions where to complain. They were Indians. I will write to the respective office in the ministry of tourism, i think i found the right address.

You can write to the Government of India, Ministry of Tourism, Public Grievances Cell.

Go for it, these turds need a good whacking. Everybody in this country is out to make a quick buck, the police is corrupt, vendors are dishonest, they overprice low-grade merchandise, even medicines are wantonly duplicated and sold.

The list goes on!

Thank you for the link. This is exactly where i wrote today. Anyway alltogether service can be very good here too, i have more positive examples so far.

Good Luck Lady !!

If you think there will be no effect then I do not really care. I do not put all my energy into it, if nothing happens so be it. I had a lesson anyway. But at least I tried. I also filled the Akosha form but does anybody had any experience with it.

agenta wrote:

If you think there will be no effect then I do not really care. I do not put all my energy into it, if nothing happens so be it. I had a lesson anyway.

I guess you took My Good Luck Wishes in a wrong way !! :(

My own experience with pgportal is that it is nothing but to fool the people of India and you should not expect too much out of it. It was the brain child of UPA to show as if they cared for public grievances and was managed by the rogue officers.who just don't care and consider them to be above law thanks to a corrupt and rotten govt. that ruled for over 60 yrs. but the last ten years were the worst for the nation. If you have the documents to prove your case and want some results may be we can help you in the matter..

Thank you, this happened more than a year ago,  unfortunately i have noting to prove the case except for sms and e-mails. I know that it does not happen only in India. If it happens in my own country i normally go to the end. But here is different and even thevcomplaint to the ministry of Tourism did not have any effect i decided that i will not go further.

I would say it is a wise decision as you are a foreigner without any footing in India. But do use various networking forums to enlighten the people at large about what happened and how you got cheated so that others are saved of the trouble. India is one most the of most corrupt country as per various survey and polls thanks to rotten and corrupt dynasty that ruled for over 60 yrs. Let us hope the new govt. does what is over due and acts against corrupt and thugs.

Visit Canadian embassy with all documents.

Let us create a Trip advisor type website where every one can submit grievance and people will read it before using that agency.
Mine is about Terrible customer service and on top I suspect they collect your money but do not transfer till 2 days before your date of travel. This could be between 10 to 50 days. This has to stop as they airlines do not recognise your reservation and do not allow any additional service which can only be provided by the airline.

Write your complaint in some famous travel : review sites like Trip Advisor and mygola, so that some others like you know about these fraud agents.

Hope this is a very old topic to be discussed.
Better to get the reviews and book with reputed travel agents like Makemytrip,etc.,