OCI in reality.....

I am a UK National with no Indian heritage (although I work there a fair bit) and my wife is eligible for an OCI card. Once she has obtained this, I intend to do the same based upon our 20 years of marriage.
I am well aware of the generic benefits of having an OCI, but wondered if anyone in the group has been in a similar position and can comment on the realities of this? (Is it possible to work in india on an OCI card? [i am a University professor]; are the rights given really as good as they sound....?).
We’re not looking to move (yet), but want to look at the possibilities of buying a property and/or investing in the country.
Many thanks!


I am a UK national too, also in the teaching profession. I obtained my OCI one year ago. Some of the benefits are amazing, but I have experienced a huge downfall! My salary, as an OCI holder, has decreased by about 50%. It may be worth investigating, I was unaware that it would lower my cost to company significantly. I am still the same person, with qualifications from the UK, but I am now classified as Indian and now not 'worth' what I use to be.

It confuses me somewhat as I feel having the OCI shows that I do not need the flights back to home country, visa expenses and I will not be leaving as soon as the tax is applied to my salary.

I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this?

Also does anyone have any experiences getting an OCI for a child? My daughter is a UK national, I have an OCI due to being married (not her biological father), can she get an OCI because I have one?

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