OCI in reality.....

I am a UK National with no Indian heritage (although I work there a fair bit) and my wife is eligible for an OCI card. Once she has obtained this, I intend to do the same based upon our 20 years of marriage.
I am well aware of the generic benefits of having an OCI, but wondered if anyone in the group has been in a similar position and can comment on the realities of this? (Is it possible to work in india on an OCI card? [i am a University professor]; are the rights given really as good as they sound....?).
We're not looking to move (yet), but want to look at the possibilities of buying a property and/or investing in the country.
Many thanks!


I am a UK national too, also in the teaching profession. I obtained my OCI one year ago. Some of the benefits are amazing, but I have experienced a huge downfall! My salary, as an OCI holder, has decreased by about 50%. It may be worth investigating, I was unaware that it would lower my cost to company significantly. I am still the same person, with qualifications from the UK, but I am now classified as Indian and now not 'worth' what I use to be.

It confuses me somewhat as I feel having the OCI shows that I do not need the flights back to home country, visa expenses and I will not be leaving as soon as the tax is applied to my salary.

I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this?

Also does anyone have any experiences getting an OCI for a child? My daughter is a UK national, I have an OCI due to being married (not her biological father), can she get an OCI because I have one?

There is misconception of OCI card holders being at at parity with Indian nationals , with exception of Voting buy agricultural  and plantation land, or working for the Indian government! That is what it says on the card.
Lets take a recent situation (COVID19), you are based in India and happen to visiting overseas , a Indian national can return, while has OCI card holder has to wait!(however this is no more the case as per recent ruling).
Another situation ,  a Indian national can travel to UAE UK USA and all the bubble countries, provided he has the valid  Visas, while OCI card holder based permanently in India can only travel to his/her country of citizen while any air bubble country will allow him!
I don't think this is parity! Do You? correct me if I am wrong!

your are right

Yes expats can work in India on OCI card - My university a globally ranked top University ( VIT Vellore , India ) used to have many such expat professors

@DSW Vellore

I am an OCI card holder moving to India in 20 days . Is it possible to get hired without adhar card ? I am a US citizen

Have a pan card

Do i need to wait 6 months to get an adhar card and then apply for a job? Any advice i would be grateful

@promotehealingtheworld aadhar card take couple weeks and is a national id, therefore required