Am looking for a job in Kochi !!!!!!

Hi, looking for a job and a place to live in Kochi. I look forward to making new friends there. Do contact me, am open to tips and good advice.

Hello Julien,

It was great to come across your creation (this blog) :) Its actually cool and provides a good deal of info on various topics. Great going.....

I am a Placement expert assisting in placement of Expats towards high-profile white-collared skilled jobs in India. We specialize in Healthcare, Retail, Leisure, Logistics and Education verticals with an elite Indian Corporate clientele.

Currently we are looking for two professionals for following jobs:

1. Director (International Studies)
Location: New Delhi/Bhubaneswar (Orissa)
Desired Qualification: Masters/Doctoral (Business Studies)
Experience: Minimum 5 years
Renumeration: Best in Industry
Perks: Five Star Class Accomodation with transport, chauffeur, food and personal assistant. 

2. Chief Co-ordinator (International Studies)
Location: New Delhi/Bhubaneswar (Orissa)
Desired Qualification: Bachelors/Masters.
Renumeration: Best in Industry.

Preferred country of origin of both posts is USA/UK/France/Australia/Norway/Holland/Ireland/Germany/Portugal or Canada only.

Email:[email protected]

Honestly, am not that good with the postings and am new at it too :( Would be great if you could kindly circulate it amongst the Expats in India or do help by kindly posting it on the relevant space.

Email:[email protected]

Thanks for your support wanderer12345. We will soon release a new "classifieds" section (hopefully next Monday).

It would be perfect for your job offers.

Stay tuned!


in which are you looking to get a job in cochin???

cochin is my native place and i can help you out...

just mail me at [email protected]


Thanks for the response to my post.  I am a PARA Educator.  I work with children from second to sixth grade.  I teach art and work with children on developmental stages through art.  I am also a photographer, and I write.  I did work for Hewlett Packard for 10 years as an Administrative Assistant before all the above. 
I will write to you further on your regular email address provided.  Mine is [email protected]

   You have not mentioned what kind of job you are looking for?
I can help you getting online work. You can earn more than you can earn by teaching... If you are interested please contact with me ..

What are you suggesting?

What are you suggesting as for online job???  Let me know.

Hi Artismygame! Have you tried the India classifieds.

No I have not checked India classifieds yet because I still have about six months before I actually move.  But maybe it is a good idea I check now.  Do I just search for India classafieds? or do you have a specific site? 
I have become more cautious about people on here since I have been approached by some very shady characters running scams that apparently find unsuspecting victims in ths site.
Do you live in India?  Are there ladies clubs I could connect with that I can ask info on whats available there and what is not?  Prices on different things I am interested in.  I am trying to take as little as possible from here.  If you have the time I will surely appreciate more info.  I noticed your picture is on here and I have not been allowed to post mine I wonder why that is.  My pictures are just a close up very modest.

Hi Laura,

have you tried to upload your picture from your profile page ?

(from this page:

Hello Julien,  thank you for your reply!  Profile page??! Do you mean "my pictures"?  I do not have a "profile page".  Can you help me? 

Can you see the "upload a profile picture" on this page?

Why do u wish to go to kochi

Artismygame wrote:

Hi, looking for a job and a place to live in Kochi. I look forward to making new friends there. Do contact me, am open to tips and good advice.

do send in more info of your profile. I may be able to help.
are you already in kochi?
[email protected]


we are starting a new school for the kids in india. and we are looking for some  english and other european natives to work with us  for atleast an year from June 2011. if you are interested . Please respond ASAP.


Mathew Antony
Managing Partner

Hi Mathew Antony! Could you please post in the India classifieds > job section.

Thank you


I'm coming from brussel in Belgium and I'd like to make a training in a NGO in India... Is there anyone who know the name of a NGO wich would like to have student pour 4 or 5 month.. I have a bachelor in management and a master in sciences economic

Thanks in advance


If you are still looking for the job in Kochi, try out
Locanto classifieds Kochi,here is the link.