a job during summer


i am a student in Paris( born in france) and i want to spend my summer holidays in India ( july and august). Then i am looking for a job there, in place where hindi is spoken because i am studiyng hindi language in france.
i am fluent in french, english, arabic, german.
i start studying hindi for six months and i know reading and writing and i can have a conversational hindi.

job i am able to do and i have already done:

babysitting which i made several times
i would like to work in NGO'S as i will specialise next year at College. ( several years as volunteer)
language teacher

i hope soon having an answer

you can contact me by mail [email protected]

Singer Qawali

log on to neevinternational.org can u do marketing for the website?? then in india we will give u what u want say as u wish...

thank u rohit!!!

why not, i will try!

Hi ,
I would suggest you to come to Bangalore for below reason:
- Hindi is also spoken along with English here.
- Very Moderate climate compared to other cities ,good adabtability for Europeans.
- You can find lot of expat crowd here.
- you can find of lot of NGO'S in and around so getting a job in this fiels will not be a problem at all.
- Also here you have a big demand for Language experts,you can expect a job in this field as well.
- You can actually improve your Hindi plus you can find a good job as well.
- Even my native language is Hindi if you any assistance in Hindi i can provide you.

I have also emailed the same to your email ID.If you have any questions do mail me back.
Till then take care....


hello leoin777
thanks i've just seen your answer!

thank you

well why not in Bangalore, it could be great. i found some interestings things

thanks really!

Hi ,
Greetings from Grenoble ,France.Good to hear that you wish to work in India (especially NGO) Bronwyn Macbride is a Canadian working in Mumbai for an NGO .Here is her contact details

[email protected]

her blog and writing about India is on

I hope you find a good opportunity to work in India .
Are you very keen on working in major cities like Mumbai /Banglore ??


Dr Subodh

tell me more about  u where i can help u


i am really really thankful for all of your help!
Dr Subodh, i've visited the blog and i found it quite interesting. i think i will contact her after my exams!
and i am keen on working everywhere in india, i think that all experiences are good to be taken in such jobs( like ngo's)

whatever bangalore or mumbai or a very small place, i am ready to go there.

i hate useless travels. as long as i am useful in  the place where i am, saab kuch theek hai!

if you know some other places, even the smallest in india, it's ok for me!!!!


Merci beaucoup pour votre réponse.

Mais votre adresse Gmail semble être dysfonctionnelles
Je vous ai envoyé un couriel electronique
Bon Fete
Dr Subodh ,Grenoble

hi subbu5967

well i am able to speak french arabic english and german fluently
i am able to use a computer
i am used to work with children
i can live in hardliving places
well any questions?

bonsoir Dr Subodh

je vous remercie également pour votre aide.

Je n'ai malheureusement rien reçu alors je vous redonne mon mail ici [email protected]

merci encore



hey then i can  help u in getting nice  job in Hyderabad
if u r interested then  send me ur details to [email protected]
let me  know when ur  coming to  India