Meet expats in Kochi

Hi all,

I'm curious to meet any other expats living in Kochi. If there are enough of us, I'd like to have a meet up.


Hi Fiona, I'm currently living in Kochi for a few months. It would be great to meet up with some other expats. Cheers Leanne

Hi Leanne. I have just joined this group and am still trying to get my head around how this website works. Can you private message through here and if so how? I would love to meet up for a coffee sometime.  Cheers Gil😊

Hi Fiona,
I am new here and would love to meet up. I will be here for the next month.
Cheers, Gil

Hi Gil, sorry I'm not to sure how this site works either. Are you in Kochi for much longer? Have you worked out this site yet. It would be good to see replies to other messages, not sure how though. Cheers Lea

Hi Lea. No I haven't worked out this site. Sorry. I think i can send you a private message using the text envelope. I will be here for a couple more weeks at least. Will try it now . CheersGil

Hi guys,
Welcome to all on

You can always contact each other and exchange personal contact info etc. through the private messaging system (PM).
To send a PM to a person click on his/her avatar and 'send a message'.

You can also post a new event and invite other members to join your event.

Thank you, :cheers:



id like to meet expats with family
and children.. 
living in cochin..
pld email me to **

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iam too waitin to meet someone
beem in touch with a few in n round cochin
welcomin  than rest of indian

Hi me and my hubby and daughter just moved to Cochin. I would love to meet other expat in the area.

Hello everyone, is there anybody out there ? Since Im newcomer, m looking for a socialnet and tips from experienced expat in kochi. Im also looking for a nice and quiet place to stay. Im a teacher. Sharing appartment could be a good option for me. Any option you have, pls let me know. Thank you so much and have a nice rainy day !!!😉 😊

Hello! My name is Amy and my husband is from from Kochi so we are considering a move back thi year. I'm British and we are currently living in China. I'd like to find out about the expat community (people living not just visiting) because it would be lovely to make a few other expats before relocating! Please message me if you're an expat in Kochi, would love to chat 😊

@fionaeliza  hello  how you doing? l would like to meetup in cochin if you don't mind..😍 Thank you .