How to make friends in India

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in India :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in India??

Thanks in advance for your participation

Hey Raquel!
I arrived in Delhi last month, and I am actually finding it quite hard to meet people.
How have you managed since that last message?
Am looking for a way to meet European people as well, though trying to avoid the French expat communities (no offense there, but if I'm only gonna hang out with French people, I might as well fly back home...)
Thanks for your help

i think the best way to make friends in india is simply to get out, and talk to people. depending on which city you are headed to, check online for some of the more popular bars, clubs, restaurants, movie theaters, and slowly you will begin to meet people. there are also many expat clubs online which you can join to try to meet other expats. im in bangalore right now so the only one i know pertains only to bangalore, but its called otherwise just try googling expat clubs in whatever city youre in. Either way im sure youll find that the people in india are extremely friendly and for the most part welcoming!

I think making new friends in India is not difficult at all. I have some friends in Delhi, Hyd and Bangalore and they all said that Indians are friendly although you are their friends or not :). But being friend with them, you have to stand with their NG habits, as another sides.

having come from new york, i find indians are friendly for the most part. Mainly people meet people from work. Indians tend to socialize with people from work outside of work. That's kinda rare in the States, but common here. I'm in Bnagalore and have been here for 4 months now. I did hear that it can depend on where in India you are though. I have heard people in new New Delhi are kinda xenophobic even towards other Indians not from New Delhi. I did join a local social club, and although it not the easiest thing to be the new , different person in the group, if you continue to show up, people will warm to you pretty quickly I found. Plus, Indians are very curious by nature, so they'll want to ask you plenty of questions. Many of which you may not feel entirely comfortable answering! :) And then they are shy about some subjects that we Westerners take as a matter of course, esp. about dating , sex, etc. So, it's an adjustment, and you learn to read 'the signs' over time. Especially with the head shaking thing ;) My advice is to join some local common interest club, and just wait until people get used to seeing you, and the questions start coming your way.

Ban i think fb is a good idea to make frnd. I'm a indian and i have more than 80 VN frnd in fb. We share our feeling, our photo, make fun. Now some Vn frnd are my best frnds specially from HCM City and Hue City. Really coz of fb i found some good frnd in Vietnam. However Happy New year. And chúc ban ngu ngon. luôn luôn vui ve;-)

Hello Marion,

you just made a new friend = ME : )
so  where do you live in New Delhi? i live in Vasant Kunj
im from delhi, but had been abroad for 7 years
happy to be back, and now im looking for like minded freinds

I learnt spanish to make new frnds and nw i work as spanish translator.every body is welcome 2 be my frnd and have a cup of tea with me.we indian are very friendly people

Hola Vida and all.
Namaste, And I am happy to find this site to know like minded people. I live in Mumbai though I am outside or India at the moment. I am not Indian but I am in love with India since childhood.
@Vida, it's great to know you speak Spanish! Y donde lo has aprendido? I speak Spanish too, and mein hindi thoda thoda aate hai hahaha....Is there anyone from Mumbai here ?

Wishes and all the best and.........HAPPY 2011

@karindia- you say Namaste and hindi thoda thoda aate hai. Really touch my heart. And so happy that u like India. Happy New year:)

i want to know someone who work in BIS. :P

see how easy it is to make friends here : )

Happy new year to you all

I'm new in Delhi, what can I do to spend time and make friends?

Hello Uri,

ill be your friend : )... making friends in delhi is easy, you just have to smile and forward your hand...

my advice to all expats who are living where ever is that the best friend you can make is your neighbour, why? cause when you are not well, or you have a touch and go with the law (like an accident or something), the neighbours will always be helpful

i remember loosing the keys of my apartment in Dubai and it was too late at night to wakeup the guard to get some spare keys. while i was sitting on the floor, my neighbor came over and gave me a bottle of water and a sandwich and we chatted till morning... he was from Palestine and we are still in touch...

Hi all , planning to,visit india next years, i want some friends over there .

hi marioneta i am a good guy would love to be your friend have a beautiful sweet day :-)


Hi marcianus!

Could you please avoid posting in caps lock on the forum?


dolly225 , you are welcome to india , just let me know when you are here :)

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