Bhubaneswar, anyone?

I'm living in Bhubaneswar, Orissa from May 2010, and I'm keen to make contact with other expats living in the area (especially other Australians) for socialising/casual meetups every now and then. Please respond via the forum and let me know who you are and what you're doing in this part of India.

I'm not sure if you can find any other expat in Bhubaneshwar. My husband belongs to that city, I have also visited my in-laws many times there, but hardly seen any foreigners there. Oh no, there is an Iscon temple there, I have seen a white guy inside giving some lecture. But I'm not sure, if he is still there.

On this I have seen a british girl in Puri (Orissa), but it's around 1 and a half hours away from BBSR.

How long will you stay there bytheway and what are you doing there? May catch up with you later if by chance I'm going to visit there.

Uhh, too many 'there' in this short message. Terrible. :)

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Hows it going? Have the rains in Bhubaneswar gotten the best of you yet? I'm new to this city as well and don't have much of a social life. I am Indian, but I moved to India in 2007...was in Delhi...just shifted to Bhubaneswar. I was born and raised in Nigeria, went to the US for my undergrad and came to India for my postgrad. If you're still up for meeting new people shoot me a message and we'll take things from there :)
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I'm moving there next week. Do you guys know of any expat meet ups?