Divorce in India

Hello everyone,
I was born & bought up in India. I was married and there was lots of differences hurdles i have gone through I came to france for studies. After one year of marriage we thought of applying for mutual divorce. We were applied in 2018. I came to france and they kept on calling me for my file procedures and i have visited two times. After that, there was a situation of covid-19 and I could not go to India. Now after 4 years they were asking me to present there in india for my divorce. I do not understand why can't i stay complete the procedure from france, because my visa renewal is on going. And now they are talking about expatriate. Meanwhile, he was already re married (which i was not objected for). What do i do now
Divorce is a legal term  which you cant do it online, you need to be physical present and sign the legal formalities in front of the magistrate, you can ask for a date request if your lawyer request or delay in can serve you a Notice. 
That is stressful and sad for you. Why don't you inform yourself to Indian Consulate in Paris; Ask to talk to an Indian Law Counsellor. He will advice you and help you.
I lived in Paris. You can communicate in french with me if you wish.
Enness2011 (Female living in Canada)

You can give power of authority to any of your family member in India . You no need to come back to India. Talk to lawyer in India and He will guide you.