I want to travel in India need help☺☺☺

Hi I'm from phillipines and I want to travel in India for a month is their anyone can help me regardin in processing papers and how much the total cost including round trip ticket ? ☺☺☺☺ thank u in advance

you can Apply online visa at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/tvoa.html
cost of travel is depends on your itinerary.... which all places you want to visit and what all activities you plan if you still want any help or suggestion contact me on whats app xxx

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I am not from Philippine. I was on a tour in India with my friends. We spend around 30 days. We try to finish our tour as cheaply as we can. It cost around $700 each in India (excluding Ticket Price).

Where u from?

Hello Ghie!

Which month are you going to India? If you want you can contact me.


ya  i seen yr  mesg that you are intresed to travel india im in s indean city i know phli islands beentheresome times as solo traveller  for phlipinos  only if you have pasporton landing  indian airport im in chennai s indea  landing arrival visa wllbe issued to  you  say fora month or so  u hv not told that from which city in phlipines and the purpose of yr visit to india pl reply its also a tropical climate like phlipines most people know english no prob dear  any inf  dont hesitate to write to me   take care  expecting yr kind reply  i can guide u about  indan travels food etc   bye  fr now regards  rajesh  chennai city s indea

Yes hi
Which place you want to come
Are you married

you can Apply online visa at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/tvoa.html

for air line tickets, check online, the cost of stay and travel depends in which part you wanna travel in India

You need to apply for a visa through http://www.blsindiavisa-ph.com/. If you are wanting to stay  for a month or less, you can easily get an e-visa,  . . . https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/tvoa.html  . . . which takes about twenty for hours to process.

If you would like a place to stay while you are here, I have a lovely spare room, that looks out into the garden, and has an ensuite bathroom. Ahmedabad is not the most spectacular place in India, but it   is within striking distance to a lot of interesting places.

mumbai is a very good city ' near about 600 dollor retutn ticket ' only 1000 thousand dollor you live inmumbai for 1 month in budget


Looking for new friends please connect
I recently moved from Cambridge uk
to Hyderabad India

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Drink sterilized  water. This is critical for traveling India. As a reader has pointed out to me ), carrying a steripen so that you can purify your own water rather than create waste in the form of plastic bottles is a good idea. But, if you do go the bottle route, make sure that it has not been tampered with. Make sure that the cap is intact. Some bottles have a plastic covering. Check inside. The cap was not intact on one that I bought. I took it back to the stand and they replaced it with one that was – no questions. Imagine the profit margin on taking an empty water bottle and filling it from the tap then putting a plastic wrap on it. Watch all water you buy carefully.

Patience - Not everything will work on your timetable in India but, in my experience, it all does work. Like the traffic, India operates on it's own inner logic.

I.D. – keep your driver's license handy. There are times such as on the trains where you may be asked for I.D. With your passport tucked away, it's handy to have a driver's license available.

Hello sir 😃
Am from India ..

thank u dear for that info much appreciated 😍😍😍😍😍😍

are you going to travel to india too ?

Ghie02 wrote:

thank u dear for that info much appreciated 😍😍😍😍😍😍

where in INDIA are you travelling to specifically

Let me know in which city you are planning to stay?

Hi I am staying in chennai India

I  stay in Mumbai, come here will help you to know India all about


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mangalore and goa


i am married to Filipina, if you are now in Philippines. catch plane Air Asia or Tiger Air to Kochi Kerala,  it will cost appox 10000/- Php ( Sometimes more cheap)  for landing your can obtain a ETV  which will cost you 50 US $ (60 days validity 2 times entry visa ) Kerala is at south west bottom of India, Looks same same like The Philippines. and a lot of  Filipina are married to Men here and living.  Start your tour from Kerala to North Side of India. There is a Filipino Wives chat group , Filipinos In India Chat group and Indo Pinay couple chat group. I guess you the Filipina ladies in group can give you more info for you.

and i hope you know the trouble in Philippines immigration.  if you need any more info msg me or Find me in FB.

If possible , take the konkan railway between Mangalore & Goa. Great scenic route.

While in Mangalore, don't miss  the ideal ice cream parlor. Tropical damaka   
& special gadbad are two of the popular items in the menu.

Pilikula is a picnic spot worth visiting. It has a zoo, theme park, botanical garden & water park. Boating is available in the lake.

Good luck!

Sure, would be glad to assist you.

You can message me or reach out to me on my email as well.

- TM

I can help you if you want.

Hey there! You can handle your paperwork here with this help. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrXbw3 … fCYXbMlQGA 
Cost of travelling depends on a lot of things: what place are you visiting, for how many days, etc. Whats your plan?