Filipino in India, where you at?

hi there!

i'm shayne and currently in Ghaziabad but working in Noida. looking for other other Filipino's who's in India as well. feeling homesick already though this is my second time.

is there any restaurant that serves Filipino food? send me your message here.

Hi Shayn,
Maybe the Network of Filippinos in India could help?
Good luck to you

Hi Shayne,

My name is jhun and am just here in Old Rajinder nagar. here is my number ***

there will be a despidida party of two pinoys on july 24, this coming saturday, you are invited.



hello po, your best option is to eat fried rice (chicken/shrimp/veg), u can get white rice n fried fish, u just have 2 ask 4 green lime (calamansi) & soy sauce. u may not finf filipino food there.

Hi, there!!
I am Japanese live in Defense colony.
I also looking for a restaurant that serves Filipino food.
I love ADOBO and SINIGANG!! some time I cooked ADOBO. but i cudnt find SINIGANG MIX here:(

Hi Shayne.

I was in Noida last week, sayang hindi tau nagkita it would be a nice feeling seeing your kapwa pinoy. Me too looking for a Filipino food but I could not find one so what I did just buy some stuff then make it my own.

Take care

Hi rlyn24_2003!

Can you avoid using caps lock when posting on the forum please?


Ello, Kamusta ka na.........

ano, what do you wanna eat kanin, chaka chicken adobo, tariyaki or something else.

hello in powai just arrived 3 weeks ago...wanna meet some pinoys there..


Hello, I am 34 male from New Delhi. I would love to meet some Filipino expats living in New Delhi area. I like Filipinos for their friendliness, hospitality and open mindedness. If you are interested, you can contact me at sean_care4u78[at]
Thanks a lot..

[please post in English]

hi...i have a friend din si carol,andito pa sya sa bangalore...pupunta din ng mumbai...pwede mo syang tawagan or message me..nenz from cebu

nenz, could you please post in English ? thanks

HI Nenz,

Welcome to Bangalore.
I live here too.


Anyone in bangalore? Im staying now im sheraton hote

are u still in Bangalore?

Hi nenz yes im still here in can contact me by yahoo messanger [email protected] waiting you staying in sheraton hotel


Hi everyone I'm new here in New Delhi any Pinoy  near by?

Hi Nenz are you here in New Delhi?

Hi there....any pinay close to delhi or around!

I am a guy who looks like Pinoy and fat as Baboy. I like Pinays for their amazing grace, charm, caring nature and sweetness.
I am based out of North India (Delhi/ Chandigarh) and would love to catch up with Pinays in this area.
Do feel free to contact me....
Kewl Guy

Still in India?

Hello! I am Pinay and is currently in Hyderabad. Pinoy anywhere in India may PM me. Thank you. 😊

Hello Dr Sunilkumar Hebbi here.

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Hi, kamusta ka, if u are from Philippines then plz contact my e mail, xxx

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Hi i'm a filipina from Bhopal..

Looking for my filipina friends

you know what is baboy means ?

hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Shayne,I have heard Mr Choy in Delhi is a good place if you crave for filipino food.
Visit and enjoy ur food.thanks

Hi Nenz.....
Are you still in Bangalore. Iam looking for a good friends to connect with... reach me on my id ***

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Hi I live in Gurgaon and I have 2 Filipino friend maybe there are more  out there pls contact  me. The more the merrier

Hi, is there any Pinays settled in Mumbai? I'm also looking for other Pinays here.If you are then please reply to this message. I permanently live here with my family.


Im here in Kolkata, does anyone know if there's someone who has a Pinoy lechon business and how much and can deliver here..thank you in advance..

Sarahsofab ,I have a friend there name is Amit, he is married to a Pinay in can ask him..

For Pinays in Kolkata inbox me..if you want to meet other fellow pinoys..

I'm here in Mumbai PM me.