Suggest me some place to visit in India

hey peeps ..around india.. suggest me some place to visit ! i got staff tickets to fly around in india so wondering where to go :P

Hmmmm indigo... The best place to visit during June July (croog and gods own country kerala)

hmm ... thanks :) lets see .. if my colleagues make any plans .. will surely keep the place in mind!

It would depend when (what months) do you plan to go and what kind of places you're interested in...

Please do let us know?

- Maria

it is better if you plan your trip in between sept-feb as it winter. you can really enjoy the nature.however, there may be delays in flight schedule due to fog or can visit kerala, ooty, coimbatore, coorg in karnataka...araku valley in andhra pradesh.....

My wife and I loved Chennai, especially Marina Beach.
There, someone told us a story of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

I lived in Chennai for almost a year, if you're into historic monuments you can have a road trip to Mahabalipuram, it's a UNESCO World Heritage site about 1.5-2 hours drive from Chennai. In that same area (Othavadai St.)is a sea side village where there are a lot of restaurants where you can have fresh seafood cooked for a reasonable price.

From Chennai, by car you can go to Bangalore which is only about 4 hours away and Pondicherry (has good beaches/resorts) about 2.5 hours drive.

What area of India so you want to travel to? North South East or West

July August?

Free tickets?

New place in India?

Mood to explore?

>>> LADDAKH  (land in Leh)

Is visitable only from june to August before it gets too chilly for comfort from evening onwards in the dry air of the cold desert.

If its within these months that u get your opportunity, then why why not travel to the moon land ? Rest of India can be be done ANYTIME...!

Goodluck !

& by the way for the travel junkies-

There are super heavy discounts available in MANALI today.

To the dismay of Hotel owners, the rain scare extended to Manali even though that area was never affected with the recent flash floods elsewhere in the same state.

I don't know the scene in online bookings but we bargained & got 70% discounts on room tarrif...

Loot !!

Who's catching the next seat to Manali ?

I suggest Kerala. Kerala  is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Awaiting you here are beaches, backwaters and hills. Backwater cruise is the main attraction of kerala tourism. So come to kerala and see  why Kerala is truly "God's own country."