Yoga Courses in India: Best place recommends?

Hi. I am considering to visit India. First was thinking only as a vacation, maybe to see Ladakh, and Goa, then i also learnt Kerala and Bangalore are nice. Then my Yoga interest interjected, took some yoga classes for some weeks. And now, my India interest revisits my mind. Any and all suggestions about the best options for Yoga Courses in India, the most affordable, safe and accommodating accommodation options in the most suiting destinations?

Thanks :gloria

Rishikesh, along with Mysore, is one of the most popular destinations for yoga in India. There are numerous ashrams, and numerous styles of yoga and meditation, to choose from. Hence, it's important to investigate which best meets your needs.

Thank u for the info, haven't known either of these places. What season/month(s) best to visit for these? Some time sunny and bright yet not rainy or humid?

Googled these, and wound up with a list of renowned centers. Still, without seeing physically not easy to decide on the best pick in ters of safety, sanitation, as well as the teaching quality.

Any specific name of a place u could recommend?

its almost evrytime summer in india if you compare with turkey
but still feb march is good to go there
try not to go in june july or august as its very hot and very crowded at that time
(try to choose the ashram for yoga very carefully most are just fakes)

my above answer is for rishikesh place which is almost 250 km from new delhi
but my advice is for all the places in India

Would you tell me some info on and also the pros and cons of Mysore and Rishikesh? Thank you

Try Pune osho ashram Pune it's very famous for yoga and meditation lots of expats come for it ifdetails inbox me

Hi dear,
as a foreiner myself I would not suggest to you the Osho ashram in Pune... It's veeery expensive!...
As you want to visit Kerala and Bangalore I suggest to you the Art of Living Ashram in South of Bangalore (Google it, it's a beautiful place, i suggest it because i've been there myself for 3 months!!!)
It's affordable, accomodating, has yoga, meditation, very effective stress management tecniques, Ayurvedic treatments. It's a safe place and it's quite close to Goa too!
It's also very comfortable, you have your own room and not too spicy food! ;)
Ask for the part-1 course, I'm sure you will have a blast! :D
Best time to visit the South of India for an european, in my opinion, is from october to february-march!
Have a great time!  :top:
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You are right. India is beautiful and having different culture and history. It is huge country in all over Asia. I have visited many places in India. About Yoga, yes, it is unique.

India also having Meditation. it is for relax your mind and body. It should be done everyday. If you come to India, i suggest you to visit Art of Living center at Banglore. It is beautiful place. You can join meditation course over there and you will feel different experience.   

also India having many things. Welcome..

Thanks.  :)

I would like to recommend you to Rishikesh it is the best place as free of pollution and you will get peace. There are so many ashrams who helps  you to learn yoga.

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Look for Parmartha Ashram in Haridwar / Rishikesh. On their website you will find schedules / options for consideration. It is one of the most well known Ashram.

If you are really interested in India you will find it amazing as well as frightening for a solo woman. You need at least a year or two to cover the glimpse of India so choose your locations carefully for a short trip..

Mysore is the best place for learning yoga, and February to May it is crowded with foreigners who come here to learn yoga from the masters. Unlike rishikesh which has lately become very commercialized, you will find authenticity in mysore! … 16#2491105

Are you still looking for Yoga Courses? I joined Ashtanga Yoga, which is world famous! I recently moved to Mysore and took a months time to understand the Yoga scenario here because Mysore is actually the home of the only guru in india who introduced Ashtanga Yoga- Google it you would get a lot of articles. About living, eating etc in Mysore, I can help. I will be here for a few months only though!

Thanks for the informative post .. Keep posting :) .The best part of the country where we
can learn and gain knowledge comes at the same time is in india. yoga is the birthplace
of India. India had lot of places where yoga can be performed. Rishikesh is the one of
the place where yoga is good to learn. **

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Hello, First I would like to say Welcome to Incredible India. We Indians Respects and love the guests Rishikesh is the origin of all yoga. So My suggestion is to go to Rishikesh it's cheap and safe also. There are lots of schools available in Rishikesh where you can learn yoga and explore India also.

You can visit Varanasi also it's most spiritual place in India. it's a city of temples.

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Hello and welcome !

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