Best Beaches ?

Hi there ^^

So I'm going to settle in Bangalore within a month and a colleague is joining me fastly just for one week.

He is Spanish and really fond of beaches ... So, I've been in India for 6 months and I found Goa and Backwaters beautiful.
Yet, it's a bit far from Bangalore.

What would you recommand ? Chennai or Pondicherry beaches are they better than Mangalore's ones ?
(I don't speak about cities themselves but areas around the cities).

Thanks for your advices :)


If you need to find best beaches Do some small search on GOOGLE you will know.

so helpfull :)

Thanks a lot I didn't think about google :/

hei Jhonny.......Wassup

Sure u having fun in bangalore.....well call me on 8971595022 or give me ur no I will call u back


How was your trip in Bangalore

Hi JohnnyBeGood ,Annaflax

Hei is it going in Bangalore ? I have been to quite a lot of beaches in India and can definately share my views on that....I am trying to organise a coffee meet so that people like us meet and can share their thoughts and i guess it a great way to network...So are you up for it ? Let me know so that I can fix date and time.

Till then have fun....TC....bye...

Try for Karwar and dharwad, South of goa (100-120miles) some nice virgin beaches all along.. Good Luck !

Thanks Saimans ^^

Leoin, I'm not yet in Bangalore : I'll arrive at the end of April ... But I'm surely motivated for a coffee or a drink on my arrival :)