Long weekend, where to go?

Hello, again. I am so grateful l to the forum members for advising me in various situations. Now I am looking for another advice. Where it is best to go for a long weekend from Delhi? We have not been to the mountains yet, so what destination you advise so that it were not very far, possibly by plane, very good if there are hot springs, the mountain lake or river or just something interesting to see without much travelling coming that we only have 2 days actually and want to have a relaxing time in the mountains? What about Mavali? How to get there by plane? I will be grateful for all suggestions but I need it shortly. many thanks.

Rishikesh,dharamshala and uttarkasi are nearer to Delhi about 6 hrs by bus.Mountains,rivers and valleys!

I donno,maybe this long weekend has gone past or yet to come.Whatever! but don't miss a chance going to Kashmir."Paradise on earth" Its connected by air from Delhi,and have all the ingredients you are looking for, what says you?

There are many places to go around Delhi. Shimla, Lansdowne, kasauli, chail, rishikesh, mussurrie etc. with hills and valleys

cheers and take care

If you are looking to travel by air, Then enter Straight into Himalayas and go to Leh, Ladakah !! Leh has a direct flight connectivity daily from DELHI....

The best place to enjoy long weekend is kerala. You can enjoy a cruise on a traditional houseboat or Kettuvallom into a serene world of quiet water and greenery interrupted only by the sound of rippling water and birdcalls.

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