Can any One Advise on Covid-19 , PCR Test

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              Any one can help me to Guide about PCR (Covid-19) Test Required by Budapest International Airport as  Hungarian Government Categorized World in  Green - Yellow & Red  Zone..  and Unfortunately  Asia Continent is in Red Zone and Airport Authorities needs 2 PCR Negative Test for Covid-19 , And i have Permanent Residency Permit and my family is living in Budapest .....

my Question is these PCR Test will held on Budapest Air port ? As i read yesterday ,Air port Authorities are doing arrangements to  take PCR Test on Air port and Cost of 2 Test will be 61,000 HUF.

2nd Question is !   Do Any one knows Website for approval or Permission letter from Hungarian National Police  to enter Hungary ,  as some one also told me before travel i need approval or permission letter  from National Police to enter Hungary from Air port . Please advise on above . Thanks to all.

Budapest airport has a lot of info on their site: … ng_hungary

Also, you can call them and ask for clarification.

As far as I know, you have to fill in the police form (in Hungarian mainly) if your origin (departure point is) from a red country.   

Look at the other COVID19 thread in these forums you can find the link to the police form or check it out here.

Contrary to some sites saying it's all in Hungarian, it's also in English.  Look here.  Port of entry is not obvious - you have to put Liszt Ferenc as it doesn't know Budapest Airport.

As I understand it, there are two different forms floating around.

One is a request for special permission from the police to enter Hungary. As I read the rules, this is for NON-RESIDENT foreigners arriving from a red country, who cannot enter Hungary without a special exemption. Resident foreigners arriving from a red country are treated the same as Hungarian citizens: they can enter the country without special permission but may be subject to quarantine.

The other is a declaration to be presented to the health authorities on arrival by everyone arriving from a red or yellow country.

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