Do you have to pay duties on your personal items if shipped in??

Hi all!   We'll end up shipping a lot of personal items to ourselves once we get settled in (shipping from US to France), including some higher value items like computers (a couple of them), plus lower value things like records (yes, records, not cd's, but good old fashioned records!), books, musical instruments, additional clothing, specialized kitchen goodies, things like that.
Since these aren't being "purchased" and imported into France (we already own them all), would we still have to pay any taxes just for bringing them in??
Thanks for any insights you can provide!

Normally not if they are used personal effects.

On the other hand, you must be able to provide a detailed inventory with the purchase invoices if possible. This is to prove the obsolescence of the articles.

Good to know. Assuming there will be a customs manifest or similar. Guess I'll have to list myself on the list of obsolete items! :)

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