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Hello my name is Katrina I’m 19 and considering a move to London from America. I’ve alwYs been in love with the idea of living in Europe . Can some of you tell me pros and cons of moving and average monthly cost to live in London or a city in England if there are cheaper ones. I plan to move after I get my degree in English and get a job in publishing

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Pros and Cons of moving; the UK is very similar to the US, yet it's also very different, this applies to anywhere in the UK, not just London.  We share the same language, yet there are times when you'll think I just don't understand what they mean.  Our cultures have grown apart, the US is all about money, the UK likes to pretend it's a more socially aware country.  You'll find shopping in the UK is totally different from what you've come to know in the US.  Some Americans view the UK as being quaint and in many cases the land of their forefathers; our experience is that quaint means old and perhaps not quite what you'd expect of a 1st world country which is 5th in the world GDP tables.

We have our own Discover England Guide at the top of this website (top left corner, select Discover and you get a drop-down menu); the information in it is also largely the same for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

There is also a website called Numbeo which contains a wealth of information; this link will take you straight to one I just created that compares where you currently live in the US to London.  It has a lot more information about the way of life, just look around the website.

From what you've described, you've chosen the most sensible route, I'd always advise that before you make the decision on the Expat lifestyle, that you first come across for a vacation and make sure you like it, most people love(d) it, but some hated it in the UK.

Anyway, read the links we've provided and if you have any further specific questions, please come back to us.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

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