hello everybody,
I did my ID card the 28 nov 2019 for study purposes and my application was approved and an interim authorisation was given to me. In January month I receive an email saying that they need my bank statement of the second ATM card I had given in my application and it happens that I had closed that account the same week from back home ( niger ) because I was not really using it and just put it in my application to support my financial position as I was mainly using my Revolut account in MALTA.
The immigration totally ignored my email and sent me the exact same email again asking about my bank statement and I told them the same thing and linked my Revolut bank statement.
In February my Interim expired and to be honest its my fourth year in Malta and I have never noticed that and interim authorisation can expired and it happens just when the Covid lockdown started so I could not head to the IDENTITY OF MALTA to renew and was told to email.

After the email they told me to send them my interim authorisation for it to be renewed along with an explanation on why I was late and it was in beginning of March 2020. I was already in communication with officers of the immigration and they did not answer my emails when my interim was available but preferred to email me 1 month later to tell me that they have received my email regarding my bank statement when we were already in the end of the month of march and my interim expired in feb.

Since then I have been emailing on and on the immigration and I just get emails asking about the details of my application and then boom they go silent radio. I have emailed them more than 20 times and every time I get the same response and when I give the information needed they disappear. I am not an Eu resident, this is my last year in malta and I was here since 2016. If I do not get my ID card renewed I risk being banned when ill go to the airport to go back home for no reason.

I came in Malta with the correct documentation, a valid visa, a health insurance and rented the same flat for 2 years. I pay my tuitions more than EU nationals and am a very good student, it just happens that I'm from Africa and that I need visa to come Europe. So I really do not know what to do as my flight to go back home is getting close and I do not want to get to the airport and get banned for no reason while when I came in malta and did my application I was completely legal and had the correct and original documentation needed.

thank God my flight is being pushed back every two weeks as otherwise I would of been banned by now and jeopardise my future career.

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