Quarantine....for arrivals at Cairo Int.Airport

Hi ....if anybody has current info on international flight arrivals ....Cairo ??
I am due to book my flight for June 16th.......yes they have flights alhamdulilah !

I understand that from March 29th they were quaranting  people at first for 14 days ....now changed to 7 days ......

So my question is are they still doing it?.....or will it change by mid June.

I know information that gets put out also gets changed all the time.......but all information will be gratefullly received.

Really dont want to be stuck in a higher risk situation i.e. hotel when i have my own emty home to go to........where I can self isolate.


Ask June it self

I hope that was not a unecessay sarcastic reply from you ........if it was  I could simply say to you :

Why waste your energy in replying to me in May !

Obviously your comprehension of English is not so  good .......as you would have clearly understood from my original message that i was fully aware of information  variables  / changes  etc because of the current  and fairly volotile Covid situation.

Next time though ...... pass people by .......rather than making a choice for a crass reply to them .

Ramadan is a time of spiritual realignement.........of looking back at your past year ....and preparing for the new  year ahead in a good and wholesome way ......
.you have a few more days left to reflect on this ....as our Ramadan comes to a close.

May you be successful in your reflection.

Allah Hafiz


Hey , I would try TripAdvisor travel forum. They are very active there and have tons of reply’s and response when I post. Give a try there 😄

The answer is we do not know, I work in casinos in Cairo and we constantly checking the airport opening for our customers. We know information comes every two weeks or so and the airport opening seems to be put back. The airline websites show available flights then they are readjusted as new info comes out. I know recently BA and Egyptair adjusted their flights starting from early July.
Information is slow and vague.
Hope this helps

Good Idea....I will.

Thank you.

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