Bringing in a small dog from South Africa

Hello, I have a Yorkie that I want to bring to Mauritius. He is more like a baby to me than a dog😊 What is the rules and regulations that I must follow in Mauritius?
If I want to use an agent from South Africa and one from Mauritius, which agents is the best to use? What must I look out for so that my dog has the least trauma moving to Mauritius? Where are they kept for the quarantine period? Do they feed the dogs or must I provide food and water?

Hi - i used Global Paws. They will contact the agent in Mauritius- tell them to use Hannah as she’s really good. You have to supply food and bedding. The quarantine Centre buildings are old but very clean and the staff will take good care of your pets. There are 2 visiting times per day (except for Sunday when there is only 1). There is a small field in the Centre where you can let your dog run around off leash and play when you come to visit.

Thank you soo much for the information.

You’re welcome. You also have to supply food and water bowls

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