Best vet in Mauritius

As an animal lover, many of my expat friends in Mauritius keep ringing for my best advice for pets and where to get them treated.

I tried at least five different vets since we moved to Mauritius. I was not quite satisfied with a few that I had treated either because I could not understand the veterinarian's way of treating (many here are not experienced or not skilled at all), or the outrageous price that some charge when they see that we are expats.

Hands down, the best veterinarian in Mauritius is Vetocare Clinic in Curepipe. The main surgeon is Dr Vicky Ruhee. I think he is educated in Moscow but he communicates very well in English and French. He is highly skilled in treating dogs and cats even if locals on the island know him best for horseracing where he is one of the key veterinarians. His clinic is quite small especially if you go during rush hours. You will see all types of cars there because he is quite in demand but I think if you can avoid rush hours and call his clinic first, you can be out of there in less than 45 mins. He is an animal lover and his services are affordable. We never paid a lot except when our Brownie was terminally ill and we needed blood tests and multiple X rays. Still he took care of him for a very reasonable price. His team is warm and smiling which was a nice bonus. Not always the case in Mauritius.

It is a bit long for us to drive from Grand Baie to Curepipe but he is worth it. We also take the opportunity to go for a walk with the dogs at Trou aux Cerfs after they loved it.

Honorable mention to Dr Bourdet who was the mentor of the Vetocare Clinic vet. He was a top vet as well but he passed away and we did not go there since. The main government vet, MSAW is not recommended even if it is not expensive. We find that it is better to go with a full time private vet.

We also tried vets in Port Louis, Floreal and Phoenix. We thought the price was quite high but the level of care was average. Definitely not sure this would be another option again.

We are all set on our vet in Mauritius. If you have any suggestions on animal care especially petfood and grooming suggestions, please message me. We are open to trying new food options for the puppies at home.


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