Pet microchipping

Hi, does anyone know what the process is to get a pet microchipped in Mauritius?


Paws in Tamarin will do this for you. Phone them 1st as I am not sure when they are open.
Their no is 4835882 to make an appointment .

thanks for the info. Do you know if they do the registration part too? i've been told that vets can implant the microchip but you still have to take your pet to some government office for them to register the chip

I will  let you know as soon as I have spoken to the vet, I know that MSAW do the registration, they are funded by the government , will come back to you on that

You might as well go to msaw in rose hill as Paws only does the microchipping. They will happily do the  microchip,but the register is done there.
If you want to adopt a dog or 2   Please let me know. I am fostering at the moment. Good luck

thanks for the info!

I heard you can get it microchipped by then tracking the chip via GPS is not very reliable if at all.

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