Pakistani dentist: What exams to clear after getting PR

Hi, I am looking to settle in Turkey. I am from Pakistan. I checked the Labor Laws of Turkey, they are not allowing foreign dentists work in Turkey. However, my fiance is in Turkey. Once we are married, will I be able to practice?
Few questions:
1) My fiance is going to be a citizen of Turkey soon, once he is a citizen, how long will it take for me to be a citizen once we are married?
2) What are the exams that I would need to give to have my dental degree recognized by the Turkish Dental Council? (I have tried to find the exam name and details, so far unable to do that)
3) Will I be able to give these exams while I am waiting to be a permanent citizen?
4) How many parts/steps are of these exams? Are they theory or practical as well?
5) Are these exams in Turkish or English?
6) Is there a website which can guide me? If so, please tell.

here below the formal guide from official web site of assessment selection and placement center. unfortunately, there is no english version. … 112019.pdf

Thankyou for the help Borraro. Need a bit more. What is this PDF about? The Turkish Dental Registration Exams?

you're welcome, it is about Examination for Specialty in Dentistry, where i dont know if it is suitable for yr situation. there are texts for "yabancı uyruklu adaylar" which is about "foreign appicants". referring to other laws' articles, need to read and weel understand. so it is better to apply through a pro agent instead of translation only, i think..

It takes at least 5 years of being married to possibly gain citizenship here. If you will be accepted as a dentist is not something I can answer. For that you will need to ask an authority on that.


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