Finding a Job in Turkey (& Anywhere Else)

Updated 2015-09-23 12:03

Well, for the major number of people posting to ask if one can find a job in Turkey, I figured I would write a short manual! Its no rocket science, but still...

Istanbul is a great place to live in, and finding work here is the same story as everywhere else

The tips for finding job in Turkey are pretty much the same as finding a job in Australia, Germany, Pakistan, Kenya, States, Montenegro, Mars and almost everywhere else for that matter...

1. Be amply educated
2. Create a resume
3. Have some some prior experience by having an internship/volunteer work
4. Pick up a sector of your choice/interest/qualification (And stick to it)
5. Search online for concerned companies (Yes, being spoonfed feels awesome, but it helps to sometimes pick up the spoon yourself too!)
6. Pick up the phone and call companies
7. Be honest in interviews (Yes, we can see through the BS)

Must Tips Especially for Turkey

-Learn the language: You really can't get off the plane and start working as bartender or a grocery store salesman. Nopes, seriously!

-Be realistic! Due to the language, the job preference for any Turkish company will understandably be hiring locals first.

-Be ready for some good competition: The Syrian refugees influx makes it harder to get job now. This is because there are some really talented and hard working people in all sectors from labor to IT among these refugees and they offer their services at a very low cost because of their unfortunate circumstances.

-GET A WORK PERMIT: Four words say it all. In one year I have seen enough people coming from Asia, Africa and even East Europe getting ripped off by their employers and going back empty handed within two months because they didn't have any legal standing. Also, you face a ban, not good!

TOP TIP: Just don't go running after every second random person who says 'I will help you'. More often than not, you know where you will land!

Just wanted to give a good clear picture, not to deter anyone, but to make sure you make a good choice!

Good luck wherever you are!

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